“World Gone Good” Episode 88: “Alethea Gone Good” #podcasts #writing #healing

Episode 88 of “World Gone Good”

My journey into the world of podcasting continues with episode 88 of Steve Silverman’s “World Gone Good” podcast. I had a wonderful time chatting with Steve about healing, writing, reiki, yoga, and following your joy. Some of the highlights include our Jodie Foster stories, how we healed our stomach aliments through mindfulness, and how we channel our inner truth through writing.

It was a genuine honor and pleasure being on “World Gone Good.” If you have thirty minutes to listen to episode 88, you can find it here. Better yet, start following Steve’s awesome podcast!

Onward #writephoto #poetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Talk to me about silence

I can’t hear your words

A mind closed by fear shuts

the ears and averts the eyes

while the voice calling out

to be heard

becomes a child

waiting to be seen


Last night, I must have been

traveling backwards

on this road we share

Fear holding constriction

the voice buried between

your mountains


I’ve decided to take a new turn

to the place called “Onward”

It lies just beyond those hills

where the air is open and free

And the sun spreads her fingers wide

to trace the valley of shadows

back into the light

For Sue Vincent’s weekly #writephoto prompt challenge. If you’d like to participate, please click here


Recoding the Cells: A Healing Meditation in Poetry Form #notbroken #meditations #healingmeditations #yogapoetry #poetry #healingpoetry

A healing meditation for all who may also feel the call to rewrite their stories:



Oh, my child, you are never broken

The light of you is whole, complete in itself

The darkness of the other who has desired to break you

is a denial of your light, but it is not you

Do not give way yourself to be broken into fragments

Gather the shards, and realize that when you heal the wounds

all that remains is the golden soul

Whole and complete in and of itself

So I wish to tell you a different story

A story about a soul whose origin has no origin

because she always was and always will be

She is life eternal

as all souls are

but she desired to live in the body of a human being

to learn the process of becoming

over and over again, in different forms

She named herself, and so she was

 the Light of Self as the Whole

She was never not whole

She was never shattered light

Trace her origins back to your birth

and reform a new story

See her whole and golden

So vast that there is no separation

between where she begins and where she ends

Take this story with you

back into the womb

Recognize the cord

is not a tie to the true self

Allow her to realize that any rejection and loathing

she feels is not a reflection of her light

It is not hers to own

or to take into her being as truth

Allow her to expand her light beyond

this place called rejection and lack

Allow her to turn the loathing into love

See it coursing through the cord

bringing to her the fullness of its nourishment

Allow her to leave the womb

and birth herself into the world of wonderment

Where all things are possible

and no codings of false truths exist

to take her away from her core of Truth

that she is love and forever will be

Allow her to feel this and realize this

as she discovers the temporary state of separation

through the physical body

while knowing the soul

is never separated from the whole

Allow her light to vibrate

in that wave of continuity with source

and forever ride it as a part of the whole

Life’s Blessings

The scent of frankincense is infused in the air, and beside me there is a note, a deck of cards, a bar of wrapped soap, and an unfolded indigo cloth with the hand-stitched words, “inner truth healing.” A phone also sits beside me, holding a message that reads like a miracle.

I am blessed. It is a day where this knowing is infused into every cell of my being. The tears, for now, have been wiped free from my eyes, but my heart still sings with love and joy. There is, within me, the knowing that the heart is woven with the threads of every heart. The gift of Truth permeates the tangible packages beside me.

The angel cards were gifted to me this morning. “I found these at a thrift store and thought of you,” my friend said as she handed me the box.

The First Gift of the Day

One learns in these moments that although a present can be beautiful, the energy it holds is where the true gift resides. To have taken the time to think of someone else and know that what you have found for them is a mirror of their truth is a gesture of love. The recipient cannot help but feel it.

The second gift arrived from Abudhabi, wrapped in a brown envelope. I tore the ends to release more magic in the form of camel’s milk soap infused with frankincense, a folded indigo cloth with white, hand-stitched words, and a note. By then I was over-come.


Of the cloth, my friend from Abudhabi wrote, “The embroidery I made for you is on a hand-woven, hand-dyed substrate — an indigo cloth…Indigo is a healing dye–and in Indonesia only women in midlife are allowed to handle it — it’s considered magical, mysterious, and powerful.”


I held the cloth to my heart and breathed deep. I could feel magic. I could feel love.

There is an indescribable joy that fills one’s being at moments like this. The knowing that one’s life is infused with love, as all life is, is a precious gift.

I am blessed.

Gratitude fills my heart.

Thank you.


The Eyes of an Elephant: A Plea for Help Fundraiser #savetheelephants #donate

Last night I woke around 2:00 am because the sensor light in my daughter’s room was on. Finding her sound asleep, I touched the lamp to turn it off and went back to bed, but could not fall back to sleep. As I closed my eyes, an image of the elephant exhibit at the Oregon Zoo popped into my head, a place I had visited each year as a child when I would go west to see my birth father.

Elephant in Captivity at Oregon Zoo. A haunting sight/A haunted site

Soon images of elephants held in captivity for human entertainment filled my mind. I saw their eyes. Have you ever looked into an elephant’s eyes and read the story they tell? Try it. You will be forever changed. I can recall that day, six years ago, when I took my children to the Oregon Zoo and looked into this elephant’s eyes pictured above and read sorrow. I was filled with guilt. What was I doing? What were we all doing? What had we collectively done to these wise beings?

Born into Captivity

Elephants are highly intelligent animals. Their eyes, and the wisdom they hold, remind me of the eyes of whales. It is widely known and accepted that elephants are deeply empathic creatures who hold the family unit as sacred. They form bonds with others, including humans who show them compassion, which stretch beyond their individual lifetimes. Their psychic connections, along with their ability to remember, surpass our own. When you look into an elephant’s eyes, you get the impression that you will be remembered long after you leave. You, if you are aware of what you are seeing, will never forget the experience. You will be forever changed.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Several weeks ago, while sitting in meditation, the image of that elephant held behind those bars at the Oregon Zoo returned to me. I saw only its eyes and this time I read their plea for help. I had no choice but to remember. Until, once again, I tried to forget.

Sometimes we seek out messengers, sometimes they come to us. Often, these messengers are animals. We all have spirit, or totem animals, who help us along at various stages of our life journeys, and sometimes we are asked to give help in return. In the early hours of this morning, I found myself struggling with the messenger who had come to me again. With the same plea, “Help me.”

An Unnatural Habitat

Please consider donating to the cause of placing elephants in sanctuaries instead of zoos at In Defense of Animals. In return, if you email me a copy of your donation receipt at aekehas@gmail.com, I’ll give you a free, 3-card tarot reading for whatever life question you would like insight on.

The Memory of Home


In the pause between thoughts

silence whispers the language

of the forgotten self

I’ve been dreaming of home

the land outside walls

offers the great hope of peace

Inside the body

mind chatters fear

while the memory of love

hides in the fragmented soul

I’ve been dreaming of the womb

I thought I was created

from a legacy of cells

I thought home was a structure

subject to decay

until I remembered light

crumbles the illusion of Truth

returning home to the opened heart

A Return to Self

A Return to Self

With each inhale

I take my breath back

Mother, I am a daughter 

of Earth and the Divine

Source that is Love

Therefore, I am Love

Mother, with each inhale

I take my breath back

and my body becomes 

a  sacred vessel for Joy

Strength, Truth

and the infinite Beauty

of Love 

Mother, with each inhale

I take my breath back

and release your fears

Free Tarot Thursday One Card Readings #tarot

On my Facebook page Inner Truth Healing I offered free 1 card readings for the first 5 people to respond. Here are the readings, using alias names chosen by the requesters. Periodically I offer free healing sessions and readings. if you are interested, please considering liking my page.  For more information on my services you can visits my website Inner Truth Healing. Now, onto the readings:

1-card readings May 28, 2015

Moodie Chic asked, “Why am I always feeling so alone?”

I was guided to use Doreen Virtue’s “Life Purpose Oracle Cards” for this reading. The card I drew for you was “Crystals.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

Crystals by Doreen Virtue, Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Crystals by Doreen Virtue, Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Those of us who often feel lonely in this lifetime have chosen to experience this as part of their journey and lessons. It is not always easy to be comfortable alone, but in solitude we can find our greatest source of love and healing. Moodie Chic, you have a strong connection to gemstones and crystals, these healing energies that come from the heart of Earth are great gifts of healing to be used with love and gratitude. They connect us not only to Earth’s healing light, but also to the Source/Divine healing light of the angelic realms. When you work with stones and crystals, make a conscious decision to connect to their healing gifts and wisdom. Infuse your art with this healing and, in doing so, you will gain greater connection with yourself, the Earthly realms and the etheric realms. When you extend your gifts out to others through crystals and stones, you will be creating a connection of the heart, which is truly the greatest gift we can give to one another. Also, since the color purple is so prominent in this card, you may want to evoke the energy of St. Germaine. Archangel Raphael is coming to mind. Purple is a wonderfully healing and soothing energy and will help you to feel more connected and in tune with the love energy of the Universe.

Barbara asked, “Will I soon find acceptance in this difficult situation I have been going through and trying to heal and resolve, or do I still have unseen work to do?”

For your question, I used “The Gilded Tarot” deck by Ciro Marchetti. The card I drew for you was the “8 of Pentacles.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

8 of Pentacles by Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot
8 of Pentacles by Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot

The pentacles evoke sacred geometry and the Enneagram, which can be looked at as a symbol of the journey one takes in life (to put it in very simple terms). The pentacles are often seen as the symbol of Earthly riches and the energies associated with wealth and abundance. In this image, 7 pentacles are above you, ungrounded. If you look closer, they could be seen as being tangled in spider webs. This difficult situation that you have been dealing with has used up a lot of mental energy for you, and has caused you to call into question the very essence of who you are. This can also be seen by your study of the 8th pentacle that you hold in your hand like a scholar. The situation has been a big lesson in your life, and one you agreed to take on with the other parties involved. Do try to remember this, as difficult as it has been, there is a greater purpose to the events. That cloak of red energy you are wearing is held by the blue energy of truth wrapped with the purple energy of healing and divine wisdom. Take care not to expend too much mental energy thinking about the “why’s” and “what ifs” in this situation (the blue cap on your head hints at mental energy and your close study of the pentacle), but allow the pentacles to fall back into their places. The mice in the card and the cobwebs are reminders that this situation has caused you to neglect other parts of your daily life, and it has caused imbalance. You are being called to surrender this situation and its lessons to the heart, where the energies can be diffused, resolved and accepted. It is not the knowing of why that is so important, but an acceptance of it as a difficult gift that you have agreed to experience. Also, because there is a spider in this image, you may gain healing and relief by writing about this experience, even if it is simply for your own eyes to view. Writing can be a deeply cathartic act, helping you to understand and release the tangled emotions you hold within. Light three candles, as you do this, and send out the intention of love, grace and forgiveness for all involved.

Titania asked, “What is the overall energy of the month of June as it relates to my current circumstances.” 

For your question I used Steven D. Farmer’s “Earth Magic” oracle cards, and drew the card “GAIA: Nurturing.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

GAIA: Nurturing by Steven D. Farmer, Earth Magic Oracle Cards
GAIA: Nurturing by Steven D. Farmer, Earth Magic Oracle Cards

June, the month of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, is a month filled with the abundance of light and the growth of life. You are being asked to work with these wonderful energies in the weeks ahead, nurturing both the life within you and the life around you. Embrace the Mother energies so abundantly available in this month, as well as the access and connection to the source of light. There is the potential for great growth to occur within you and, also, the ability, if you choose, for you to seed the growth in others. This card reminds you that all life is birthed from the Mother energy, and there is no limit to its abundance. There is no limit to growth and healing. I am drawn to the rainbow rays that extend from the hands of the Gaia goddess image in this card. When you look at both hands, you see that the growth is not just a physical manifestation, but also a healing. Allow the development and sharing of the healing gifts you hold within as you enter this next month of growth and abundance. Nurture yourself, and through this nurturing, allow your gifts to touch those around you, but take care not to over-whelm yourself with this intention. Let it flow naturally and easily. Do not let it cloud the vision you hold to be true, and make sure your words are clearly spoken with kindness. Your gifts are waiting to be brought to the Earth, to spread and take life. To seeded, nurtured and grown.

MM L4 asked, “What is the best way to move forward with the sale of my house in order to move in the spring of 2016.”

I used Kris Waldherr’s deck “The Goddess Tarot” for your reading. Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

5 of Pentacles by Kris Waldherr, Goddess Tarot
5 of Pentacles by Kris Waldherr, Goddess Tarot

Your card was the “5 of Pentacles.” This card evokes the energies associated with the number 5, which often center around personal action and/or struggle/conflict as well as the earthly concerns associated with the pentacles (such as wealth and finances). In this card I see two aspects of you, the once that is cloaked in an internal struggle, and the one that is looking toward a future possibility. This move does not appear to be an easy one for you to process, and you have wrapped yourself up inside a cocoon of concerns that are, in some ways, impeding the flow of internal energies that are needed for you to allow this move to occur with ease and grace. Know that these struggles are within you, and not external hurdles.When you let go of these wrappings, the energies needed for the move and the sale of your home will arrive with ease and grace. It is causing you to be in a state of winter, dormancy and inaction, but look at the spring energies surrounding the image that holds you. New life is waiting for you, and you know this, because there also exists that other aspect of yourself that is contemplating the new life and what it will offer to you. So, you are being asked to shed these wraps and fully step into the energies of the new. Don’t hold onto worry or fear, or any feeling that weighs you down and prevents movement and clear vision. Open up fully to the move and the new path of your journey and embrace its gifts.

Alia asked, “For insight on moving, including when, where and/or how.”

I drew 1 card from two different decks for this one, just for some clarity on the situation. The first card I drew was “Adjustment” from Aliester Crowley’s “Thoth” tarot and the second was “Raising Your Standards” from Doreen Virtue’s “Healing with the Fairies” oracle cards. Please study the images in the cards and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from them.

Doreen Virtue's "Raising Your Standards" Healing with the Fairies oracle card and Aleister Crowley's "Adjustment" Thoth tarot card
Doreen Virtue’s “Raising Your Standards” Healing with the Fairies oracle card and Aleister Crowley’s “Adjustment” Thoth tarot card

If you look at the images in both of the cards, you’ll see a theme with not only colors evoked, but also the energies exhibited in the figures. There is a sense of resignation seen in these figures, almost to the point to defeat, but not quite. This giving in to circumstances is no longer acceptable for your soul’s evolution and you are being asked to “raise your standards” and “adjust” the scales you weigh in your hands. It’s time to ask yourself some questions, such as “What is holding me back from moving?” “What weights have I placed on the my scales?” and “Why have I allowed my wings to extend but not take flight?” This is an internal struggle, and you have spent much time looking inward to the point of inertia. It’s time to remove the blindfold, lift the sword of action and move into the air of truth that is calling to you. You already know who you are, your wings are fully developed. The power of your calling is in your hands, but there is a need for movement. Not only must you adjust your standards, but raise them. Don’t settle. Remove the knot around your heart and lift your sights to the possibilities before you. This is what is holding you back. Doubt and an over-abundance of internal dialogue. You have already made the decision to move, as seen by the figure in Doreen’s deck (see how she has descended the steps from the house she was in), but you continue to look back, as though something is holding you to the old. I see this theme repeated more strongly in the “Adjustment” card where the figure has wrapped her feet around the sword she has grounded and there are 4 shapes evoking pillars of stability around her. It’s time to be bold and fly. Don’t doubt your ability. Look at those beautiful wings, which evoke the beautiful, confident energies of the peacock. The how, when and where is up to you, but I think it’s safe to say that you are being called to seek something greater than you might have thought previously attainable, and not just with your physical move. Take action towards that goal when you are ready. You are ready, it simply takes the choice to remove the blindfold.

As with any reading you receive, please take the insights that resonate with you and add to them your own intuitive guidance. Namaste, Alethea

The Number 5

When the number 5 comes into my life, whether in dreams, a memory, or as a number that appears throughout a particular day, I think of self-empowerment, independence and the “free soul” (as Denise Linn refers to the number in her book, The Hidden Power of Dreams). When I think of the number 5, the color blue comes to mind: the color of the throat chakra, self-expresison and inner truth.

The number 5, of course, also represents a physical age. When we are 5, we are, ideally, just coming into the expression of our independence and personal truths. By the age of 5, most of us are able to feed ourselves, tie our own shoes, go to school, and express our minds with clarity and conviction. A 5 yr. old child is still close enough to the world of spirit to remember, to believe and to see.

When one wishes to heal and reclaim his or her Inner Truth, it is often beneficial, if not essential, to reclaim the inner child. I have found that the age of 5 is a good place to start. There have been many events, and numbers in the form of ages, that have been essential to my own life journey, and for the healing of my inner truth, but I can think of none more important than 5. Let me share a snapshot of this child who still lives inside of me.

Picture, if you will, a pretty little girl with deep blue eyes and wavy hair the color of ripened wheat resting past her shoulders. She has the round cheeks of a baby and a dimple on her chin, and, sometimes, she has a smile that lights up her face. The little girl, Alethea, has just moved to Henniker, NH with her  mother, older sister, and a man who is trying to replace the father she has left behind in Oregon.

Alethea loves playing with her dolls and her two cats. She loves her best friend in kindergarten with the soft brown eyes and curls, her sister and her mother, but she’s not sure she loves her new father. Alethea misses her small white house in Portland with its TV and indoor toilet. She misses her friends and her grandparents, but she knows she is not supposed to miss the father they left behind.

The little girl knows inside her heart that fairies play under the clusters of star flowers, but she has already forgotten how to see them. The magic of her world is fading quickly, being replaced by fear, secrets and doubt. By the time she turns 6, Alethea forgets she has her own voice.

This 5 year old child, in many ways, shaped the woman I became. She is the little girl I see when I need to heal my inner child. The more I heal, the more radiant she becomes. Now, instead of a  small child hovering inside the shadows of doubt and fear, I see a magnificent little girl full of joy and love. She sparkles with possiblity. She sings with the clear voice of her truth.

Reclaiming the “free soul,” is a journey of many steps. Sometimes when one aspect is healed, another appears to take its place, reaching with desperate hands for light. Healing can come in many forms. Writing is one of them. If you want to learn who you are, a good place to start is by rediscovering who you were at 5.  Write down everything your remember. Write what you loved. Write what you feared. Write your sorrows. Your joys. Write what you believed in. Write your truth.


This morning I find myself sitting beside  a stove where fire melts wet wood, and provides a warm contrast to the wonderfully white world outside my window. I am thankful for the heat, the beauty, and the quite solitude that blesses my morning, yet here I am writing about lament.

Lament was the subject of the poem that came to me as I gazed at the falling snow. I barely thought about its meaning as I scribbled down the flow of words. Moments later, I paused to check Facebook, and there it was, a friend’s lament over missed chances; over not heeding her inner voice, until, she feared, it was too late.

Of course, it’s never too late.  The voice is still there, waiting to be heard. There is only the present to retrieve our gifts. The past is but a memory, reminding us of what we still can be. Of what we still are, if only we trust enough to heed our inner voices and become our truths. Does lament for lost opportunities, or lost “time,” really serve us? Perhaps it can, if we let it, spur us into action. Perhaps we can use it as a nudge to push us over possibility. The Now is the time to follow your heart and heed that inner voice. Once you realize that you are in control, that only your fears hold you back, you can start chipping away at them.

Last week, I launched my dream to help others. It took, I’ll admit, a large dose of courage to get there. It took a lot of chipping away and healing, and there was more than an once of doubt trying to taint its sweetness, but I did it. What is your dream? Here’s mine:

inner truth healing http://innertruthhealing.com/home/