Wayland’s Smithy: A Temple of Trees & Stones Worthy of Reverence

There is an old road called the Ridgeway that connects Castle Hill to  Wayland’s Smithy. It’s a mile in length, and had we more time we would have walked it. The Ridgeway joins the land of the living with the land of the dead, and I have no doubt it is as old as the “Castle” and the burial chamber of Wayland’s Smithy. To walk it, is to walk upon sacred ground where feet have traveled for thousands of years. Yet all do not treat it as such.

Ani and I waited for the site to clear of its busy visitors before we walked the long barrow.

The tread of reverent ritual has been replaced by the tread of travelers seeking outings from their over-busy lives. On the day we visited Wayland’s Smithy, there were visitors who had arrived before us. Two friends and their toddler-aged children were stationed at the foot of the chamber. The moms looked haggard and distracted as they half-watched their children and studied the screens of their phones. The children climbed the headstones around the entrance to the more than 3,000 yr. old burial chamber as though they were on a playground’s jungle gym.

Wayland’s Smithy feels, to me, like a natural cathedral worthy of reverence and awe.

My mind turned back two days, to that gloriously sunny noon at Castlerigg where a large family had created a picnic ground and play gym out of the sanctuary in the stone circle. “If this were a church, that would never be allowed,” Larissa put words to the emotions rising through me as we watched the young kids hang precariously off the great stones guarding the chamber.

The entrance to the chamber, as seen from one side, where the children played and their distracted moms leaned against the mighty stones.

Wayland Smithy is a place of worship. It is a holy ground for the dead, but also the living. A Sue noted, many years ago someone must have seen the site as a home of the sacred and honored it by planting a ring of ash around it, creating the effect of a natural cathedral. The temple of trees holds the stone chamber for the dead in an embrace of such sublime beauty and peace, the present mind cannot help but find sanctuary in the heart.

The open eyes will recognize a sacred site.

We had to wait maybe ten minutes for the visitors before us to leave, and continue on with their midday hike. And, in that time, I kept thinking about Castlerigg and how the energy of the sacred had retreated as though in self-preservation, deep within Earth. I looked at the long chamber before me and thought of the stones that were obviously missing from its sides. Stones that may have been callously dug out to line the border walls of houses or fields. Or, perhaps even to be trophies of sorts, displayed proudly on private grounds.

Lonely Stones: I got the sense that these stones were left behind as part of a border of stones, which are now mostly lost. They are spirit stones, filled with holes and intrigue.

Yet, despite the handfuls of oblivious visitors that visit Wayland’s Smithy, and its missing parts, the site still holds a very special energy. The guardian trees form a ring of protection around it, and I suspect most who enter their temple enter it with a feeling of reverence.

I felt much better with Sue and Ani sitting above the mouth of the chamber. Sue’s face reflects an unmistakable peaceful joy, and Ani, well, she could not have been happier.

As the mothers gathered their belongings and children and made their way back to the walking path, I stood upon the back of the grand chamber with Ani, ready to receive its gifts.

To Be Continue…

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Recoding the Cells: A Healing Meditation in Poetry Form #notbroken

A healing meditation for all who may also feel the call to rewrite their stories:



Oh, my child, you are never broken

The light of you is whole, complete in itself

The darkness of the other who has desired to break you

is a denial of your light, but it is not you

Do not give way yourself to be broken into fragments

Gather the shards, and realize that when you heal the wounds

all that remains is the golden soul

Whole and complete in and of itself

So I wish to tell you a different story

A story about a soul whose origin has no origin

because she always was and always will be

She is life eternal

as all souls are

but she desired to live in the body of a human being

to learn the process of becoming

over and over again, in different forms

She named herself, and so she was

 the Light of Self as the Whole

She was never not whole

She was never shattered light

Trace her origins back to your birth

and reform a new story

See her whole and golden

So vast that there is no separation

between where she begins and where she ends

Take this story with you

back into the womb

Recognize the cord

is not a tie to the true self

Allow her to realize that any rejection and loathing

she feels is not a reflection of her light

It is not hers to own

or to take into her being as truth

Allow her to expand her light beyond

this place called rejection and lack

Allow her to turn the loathing into love

See it coursing through the cord

bringing to her the fullness of its nourishment

Allow her to leave the womb

and birth herself into the world of wonderment

Where all things are possible

and no codings of false truths exist

to take her away from her core of Truth

that she is love and forever will be

Allow her to feel this and realize this

as she discovers the temporary state of separation

through the physical body

while knowing the soul

is never separated from the whole

Allow her light to vibrate

in that wave of continuity with source

and forever ride it as a part of the whole

The (dead) crow, the red fox & the turkey (feather)

I used to keep a journal just for animal encounters. Not just animals, insects too, and birds, and all manner of non-human life forms I met up with each day. I was interested in their symbolism and what it might mean to me. Synchronicities and patterns. The universe talking in code. I used to do a lot of things I no longer do, and these days I am acutely aware of how much I am allowing myself to be wrapped up in the mundane, favoring it over the magic of life. Not because I want to, but because I have somehow convinced myself that I must. I must search not for encounters, but for artificial messages. Messages that I must send to get readers for my new book. It is a task I do not like, but that in itself is a lesson and, therefore, a gift. How do I make magic out of the mundane? Somedays it’s easier than others.

When the jobs we feel we must do become a chore, should we continue on in toil, or should we pause and breathe into the depth of being to find the magic contained within the moment that is always offered to us? The moment upon which we trail our breath and our thoughts, whether they be rapid, or peaceful? Today there were many encounters throughout my day which felt forced, labored, without fruit. Yet, there were also pauses when I stopped to be present.

I watched the squirrel, boldly wearing red fur as it masqueraded as an acrobat climbing up, then down my apple tree stealing apples in its mouth and leaping through limbs as though gravity was a ruse. I could almost believe anything was possible until I returned to the drudgery of musts. “You must do this to sell books.” “You must do that.”

The voice inside my heart forever whispering against the pull of musts, “just let it be.” “They’ll find the words you wrote for them, somehow.” I don’t always believe in somehows, but the voice inside me tells me I should.

The crow that stopped my feet today was dead. Its head pointed downhill. Black feathers tucked above the vibrant green of grass on this sunless day. I couldn’t help but think of magic extinguished. It had fallen beneath wires. Was it electrocuted by too much force? Energy coursing outside its bounds? The owl had been found in nearly the same place, also dead, one month before. I cannot help but think of the two bird messengers in my book. Grandmother Crow. The owl who haunts the last pages with a warning…

Yet death, I am reminded by yesterday’s snake, is not an end, but a beginning. Decayed life breeds new life in that ever-lasting cycle. How can I forget the wisdom of Shesha? Did I not write his story upon the pages too?

Briefly, today, I thought about fairies. Sue had reblogged a post about the fey and for some wonderful moments, I was transported into the realm of magic not often seen. Perhaps that was why I was lead by the turkey feather, which floated up from the blackened road as though wanting to be seen. To be caught, as I drove home. So I took the ever-willing dog for a walk, and there it was still. In the middle of the road. Large, curved and perfect. Banded in brown. A solitary turkey feather waiting for my hand to receive its gift.

So I twirled it in my fingers, feeling the life still present. Blessed life. A reminder of abundance. Down the road, a red fox wandered from the twilight woods and stopped to fix my gaze. We stared as though each daring movement, until a car passed by. Some say foxes hold the secrets of the fey. Cunning, bold, stealthy. Red, like the squirrel. Have I lost touch with the red blood of Earth? I wrote the words in this book, in part, to save her. Created six warriors with a mission to repair her broken veins, forgetting, after I had finished, that one must care for the inner body, always, while caring for the outer. And so I look back upon today. To the red squirrel taking with ease the fruit of the apple back to its nest. The dead crow charged with too much power. The lone turkey feather in the middle of the road. One perfect blessing waiting to be held. And the red fox, who had ventured, for a moment, out of the hidden realm to say hello.


Grandmother Crow speaking her ancient wisdom from the pages of The Labyrinth



Why love?

It was one of those moments. Perfect for a storm you might say. We all know what they are like, the energy around you and within you becomes electrified and seemingly fueled by a power that is not entirely your own. It could have been me, or anyone else for that matter, but last night it was my husband who lost his temper, his voice raising in response to my son’s actions. I sat in the the eye of the storm, observing what was going on around me and within me. I felt the shake of my cells as they churned memories from childhood when I was in the position of my son. And I felt fear strip bare the child-self as I breathed into my own reaction. A voice raised in frustration and anger toward a child, I reminded by husband, and our children who were our audience, is never an effective means to an end. Or, for that matter, I thought later while sitting in meditation, is it a solution for any situation.


An image of our president came into my mind, followed by a myriad of ways aggression is used to try and rule and over-power. It is never effective. Aggression, which is always fueled by fear, takes a lot of negative energy, which always must be replenished by more negative energy. It breeds the fear it is fueled by, and it always offsets harmony.

We all have the extremes of polarity inside of us, but we can each choose to react and carry out our lives with either fear or love. Why choose love?


Because ultimately, it is the only path. It leads to harmony, both within and without, and also freedom. It leads to joy and unity, and it is an effortless, limitless source of energy that never diminishes. We may think love is weak, but there is nothing stronger.


While sitting in meditation, I suddenly felt my third eye expand into the infinite of the golden light that can be called love. It spread down into my heart center, where it expanded into a pure love consciousness. In this open heart space of consciousness where only love exists, I began to see the world through the eyes of love. The seemingly impossible becomes possible when we exist in this state, even for a short time. There is no longer an other, which one may perceive as an enemy through the eyes of fear, there is only the one. Each being becomes an aspect of your own self, and all exist in the powerful, yet grace-filled state of love.


Here forgiveness is not only possible, it is effortless. One looks at another, and sees a mirror of the self, which is no longer hidden. Instead of reacting out of anger or unfiltered fear, one can only be love. The expansion, the giving and receiving of love, is so effortless, it is like the fluid harmony of water in a vast, ever-expanding sea. Anything and everything appears possible, because it is possible. Even the once perceived enemy becomes a friend, because all barriers are broken down. The other becomes you, and you become them, and the impulse to divide becomes an impulse to unite.


In this golden state of love consciousness, I felt devoid of hate and fear in all forms. Each aspect of the “other” was brought forth as a mirror, and my own impulse was to send back love. Pure, unfiltered love, even to our president. And in return, I felt peace.



The Eyes of an Elephant: A Plea for Help Fundraiser

Last night I woke around 2 in the morning because the sensor light in my daughter’s room was on. Finding her sound asleep, I touched the lamp to turn it off and went back to bed, but could not fall back to sleep. As I closed my eyes, an image of the elephant exhibit at the Oregon Zoo popped into my head, a place I had visited each year as a child when I would go west to see my birthfather.

Elephant in Captivity at Oregon Zoo. A haunting sight/A haunted site

Soon images of elephants held in captivity for human entertainment filled my mind. And I saw their eyes. Have you ever looked into an elephant’s eyes and read the story they tell? Try it. You will be forever changed. I can recall that day, 6 years ago, when I took my children to the Oregon Zoo and looked into this elephant’s eyes pictured above and read sorrow. I was filled with guilt. What was I doing? What were we all doing? What had we collectively done to these wise beings?

Born into Captivity

Elephants are highly intelligent animals. Their eyes and the wisdom they hold, remind me of the eyes of whales. It is widely known and accepted that elephants are deeply empathic creatures who hold the family unit as sacred. They form bonds with others, including humans who show them compassion, which stretch beyond their individual lifetimes. Their psychic connections, along with their ability to remember, surpasses our own. When you look into an elephant’s eyes, you get the impression that you will be remembered long after you leave. You, if you are aware of what you are seeing, will never forget the experience. You will be forever changed.

They Eye of an Elephant: National Geographic photograph by Jodi Cobb

Several weeks ago, while sitting in meditation, the image of that elephant held behind those bars at the Oregon Zoo returned to me. I saw only its eyes and this time I read their plea for help. I had no choice but to remember. Until, once again, I tried to forget.

Sometimes we seek out messengers, sometimes they come to us. Often, these messengers are animals. We all have guides, or totem animals, who help us along at various stages of our life journeys, and sometimes we are asked to give help in return. In the early hours of this morning, I found myself struggling with the messenger who had come to me again. With the same plea, “Help me.”

An Unnatural Habitat


Later this morning, I went online and found the organization In Defense of Animals, which is committed to elephant rights and protection. I have set up donation page dedicated to this cause, and am offering, in return, a 30 minute energy healing or intuitive reading session (remote or in-person) in return. My goal is to raise at least $1,000. Please consider making a donation in any about. The organization is committed to helping elephants and the various animal rights and rescue causes. Click here to join me in this cause.  For more information on my healing and intuitive services, please visit my website Inner Truth Healing.  When you set up an appointment with me, please let me know you are participating in this fundraiser. Thank you.




Co-Creating a New Earth Meditation


While I was having a past-life regression with Karen Kubicko on 11/14/15, I was given information by my spirit guides about how to co-create a New Earth. I would like to share this information with you so that you can perform a meditation privately, or in a group setting, if you feel called to do so. Performing this as a group will magnify the vibration, but as I was shown, one person holding the light can also have a great effect. We sometimes forget how powerful we are. It’s time to remember the Light, which we are all a part of. It’s time to create, together, a New Earth.

To be a conscious co-creator of this Light that is Love there are no physical tools needed. Of course you may use crystals, candles and other items that you wish to help bring you to the vibrational state of heart-centered Love, but really this is all that is required. the heart-centered state of Love. You may sit in silence, or play a piece of beautiful music softly in the background. Whatever feels right for you and your group is right.

If you are working in a group, you may wish to sit in a circle and hold hands. Joining your energy in this physical way can be quite powerful. If you are performing this mediation alone, you need only an undisturbed space where you can enter the heart-center that resides within you, connecting you to the universal vibration that is Love.

Once you are settled into this state, ask that the Rainbow Frequencies of Light be downloaded into your DNA, or if they are already downloaded, ask or feel your connection to them. Allow whatever time is needed for this to occur. Feel the wonderful sensation of this beautiful frequency of Light inside your body. Feel it connecting you to Source and all beings that exist in this high vibrational state.

See with you inner eye and feel these Beings of Love surrounding you and Earth. Allow yourself to receive the knowing that there is an abundance of loving guidance and help waiting to be given, you need only to ask. To be an open vessel to receive. Ask for it now. Ask that you and Earth be surrounded by the highest frequency of this Love-Light and that a New Earth be co-created, or resurrected. As the New Earth that waits to be created is actually a resurrection of Earth before fear was allowed to over-shadow Love.

Feel the grace of being, and the knowing that you are a conscious co-creator of this New Earth that is Love. See this New Earth as it manifests itself to you inside the palette of your heart’s eye. It is Joy. Pure Joy manifested. Feel it. Know it. It is Truth, which is Beauty.

Now allow yourself to become a channel of Light that is pure Joy and Love. You are a host, a vessel to bring forth this Light that is Love into Earth. Allow it to move where it is needed, spreading and seeding the Light into Earth. Know that this Light that is Love is connecting to the Love that resides in all beings who call Earth home, and that you are gently, and through the highest intention of Love, helping them to remember this Light that is also their Light. You are helping to reconnect the Universal Web of Light that is also the Sacred Song of “Om.”

If you feel inspired to do so, chant “Om” aloud, or within your heart-space, calling forth and connecting with the Sacred Song, the Universal Song. Feel and see your connection to all beings who sing this song, such as  the whales and dolphins. Feel and know the indescribable Peace it brings.

You may now choose to continue spreading and seeding the Light, or you may choose to take it further, allowing the Light to not only spread and seed, but also to erase fear. Again, ask for guidance from these 5th dimensional beings and beyond, angels, archangels, ascended masters and the Divine, in the highest intention that is pure Love, to allow you to channel the Light  while you, together, erase the habit of fear that is trapped inside Earth and inside the hearts of many of her children, over-shadowing the Light that is Love. This is allowed now, because it is needed. It is allowed because you are working in the highest vibration that is Love. Know this as Truth.

You might see this erasing as a large broom sweeping across Earth, gently brushing out the vibration of fear, or you may feel that you have become, in this state of intention, like a tornado of Light moving across Earth and her waters. The channel of Light that is you, moves to the pockets of held fear, opening them up to Light. Sending and transmuting this trapped habit of fear back to Light that is Love. That is Joy.

Again, allow this sweeping of fear and channeling of Light to occur as long as you feel is needed, or that is comfortable for you. Know that you will be this vessel for as long as is needed, or that you allow. Remember that you have free will and that this will be honored.

When you are finished, give gratitude and thanks. Send Love to Gaia and to her waters. The waters hold memories and emotions. When we send Love to water, in particular, we transmute trapped fear into Love, returning the memory of being in this frequency of Love that connects us to the Sacred Song, into the cells of our being. The water inside of us raises to the frequency of Joy at the same time, providing healing to ourselves and the waters of Earth.

Send gratitude to Source and all the beings of pure Love and Light who have helped you be a vessel of Light. Ask that they continue to work through you and with you to co-create and resurrect this New Earth. Ask that they inspire your work and your art with the Rainbow Frequency of Light so that it is infused with the Beauty of Truth. And ask that other Warriors of Light be inspired to co-create this New Earth in whatever way they are called to do so.

Perform and share this meditation as often as you desire, in the highest intention of Light that is Love.

My deepest gratitude and Love to you for sharing the Light, Alethea

Creating A New Earth: Channeled Messages 11/14/15


Imagine Earth beautiful again. Imagine the resurrection of joy permeated through all beings who grace its surface. Imagine you are one of them, a bringer of the light that is joy. It is a blessed union, drink it in, become a part of it, for it is happening now, when we allow it. Last night, during a past life regression session with Karen Kubicko, I was brought to this place, this state of being, and it was nothing short of amazing. Words cannot describe the love, the feeling of peace and utter beauty that resides here. That resides in all of us. We are one.

This is so very important. We are one.

It is up to us, collectively, to create this New Earth, for it waits, ready to be resurrected. It is the Earth, I was told by my team of guides while I channeled their messages for nearly 3 hrs, that Christ intended to be created. The resurrection of the New Earth that is filled with the light of Joy.

It is, in essence, very simple to create this New Earth. We must. I repeat, we must, stop living in the “habit of fear.” Fear has become a habit. In order to do this, we must find “the light behind the story.” “You can always find the light behind the story,” they told me. This is Truth.

When we dwell upon the pain and suffering, when we relive these energies, even after they have passed, we perpetuate, often unknowingly and unintentionally, this “habit of fear” they spoke of. For an example, they gave me the recent attacks in Paris. “You must find the light behind the story,” they told me, “otherwise you just feed the fear.”

Please take a moment to think about this. By dwelling on tragedies, it is a way of feeding the fear. What we feed grows. Instead, they ask us to focus on the love that surrounds us. They are asking us, when will we understand this that fear is a “like a bad habit we can’t break?”

“It is not that you ignore it [fear],” they told me, but you move on after the event or circumstance that is based upon fear.” There is this belief, they told me, inside of us, that we need to keep dwelling on the tragedies inflicted upon others and the world, rewinding them over and over again, like we are playing a song on repeat over and over again, so we become trapped into what happened and thus we cannot move out of it.

So I asked, “How do you teach people to live in that state of love, when perhaps they do not understand what it really means to love, or live fully in the state of love.”

“The key,” they told me, is “joy.”

As an artist, a creator of stories through words, I am being called upon to permeated my words with joy and light, to find the light behind the stories. So are you. These messages I channeled were for all of us who believe in living in a state of love. The co-creators for this New Earth.

I was shown how this looks. The movies, the books, the TV programs, all the news and media choices available had shifted to works permeated with the beauty of truth. Of light and joy.

This is where the “rainbow light” comes in. It is living through the heart. As an example of what this feels like, I entered the energy of a whale and a fairy. As a fairy, I found myself existing in a realm between the surface of the Earth and right below it. I was a part of a connection, a vast network of life. I was a part of the trees and the plants, the soil and all that dwelled within and above it. I was a part of Earth. It was a feeling of complete and total unity. Of oneness. An indescribable sense of belonging and peace, and of being a part of the Mother Love of Gaia, never separate.

As a whale, I journeyed through the water singing and swimming the sacred song vibration of the Universe. I described it as “Om.” The sound of the Universe that connects to all.  It is the sacred song, filled with peace. Again, there was the knowing and feeling that there was no separation. No disconnection from Source and from the ocean Womb of Earth. We, I was told, are being called upon now to remember this song to heal the Earth, the oceans and ourselves. The dolphins, whales and mermaids now it, and deep within our hearts, we know it.

The “Om” connects us to everything, reminding us, awakening the memory and knowing that we are all one. Collectively, we have forgotten this, trapped inside the “habit of fear.”

I was shown a shark as a symbol of what is interfering with the dance of connection, swimming in front of the whales, cutting off the source of connection; the invisible network that binds us to this Universal Life Force Energy that is Love. The shark represents fear, and I was told there are too many of them right now. We need to clear the fear, collectively. We need to bring the light back to Earth.

And I was shown the love waiting to be given by our “friends” who watch over us in the sky. These 5th dimensional interstellar beings who are waiting to work with us, and to bring in the rainbow frequencies of light. We simply need to ask for it. We need to ask for help, we need to ask for inspiration, and we need to ask to be shown the love.

If you are ready, you can download the codes, the rainbow frequencies of DNA into your body and through your heart. Just ask. “It feels like water moving through you,” is what I said about the experience. Just ask.

Later, I was shown what looked like a large eraser, or broom sweeping across Earth, back and forth. It was erasing the fear, the pain, the suffering, this perpetual state, or “habit,” that has over-shadowed the planet for so very many years. I was shown and told that we, collectively and individually, have the power to call upon this erasing to create the New Earth. “you [humanity] has done it before,” they told me, “why wouldn’t you want to do it again in a good way.”

Think about this. We made the choice, we are making the choice, to stay disconnected from the “Om” and play out the “habit of fear,” in doing so we have erased the memory of who we are. When you enter a meditative like state, through the heart-love, you can ask for this erasing of fear to occur. To me, it felt and looked like a tornado, swirling across the Earth. It was awesome. It was so powerful. As fear was swept up into the tunnel, it was replaced with light/love, or rather, it made way for the light/love.

If you are a healer, you may be called to think about how you heal and why you practice the healing habits you do. I was told that we remember pain if we need to, and heal the way we need to, but we don’t have to go into the habit of fear. Again, we can find the “light behind our stories.” So, for example, you might re-enter a memory to release the trapped emotion behind it, but then you can find the light behind it or around it. You move on and into the light, so as not to play out, over and over again, the fear and pain. Remember, the light is also you.

Find your art, the outward manifestation of the creative power of love and work with it to bring beauty to those around you. Infuse it with the joy of truth and you will achieve the highest vibrational state available to you at this time. Share your art and your creative gifts with the world and you will add your beautiful vibration of light/love to the entire planet, raising the frequency to manifest the New Earth.