Although I changed my middle name as soon as I was of legal age, I have always felt a deep connection to my first name, Alethea, the Greek word for “truth.”

As a child, when I would ask my mother where she found my name, she would tell me it came from a book. Her answer felt dismissive and undefined. It was not until I was in my mid-thirties that I discovered a different truth. I was interviewing my father for the memoir I was writing for graduate school,  A Girl Named Truth, when he spontaneously asked me if I knew the story of my name.

I was intrigued. “Tell me,” I urged.

In the year of my birth, Jodie Foster played a young girl named “Alethea” in an episode of the popular TV series “Kung Fu.” I had never heard of the show, nor had I known that my parents had watched it together.

My search for truth has taken me on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and healing, and it has also pulled me towards that sometimes illusive connection to “home.” Home to me is not necessarily about place, but connection. Connection to the self and to all life. Connection to what feels like truth.

When I am not writing about the idea of truth in some form, or striving to help others find their connection to it through my business “Inner Truth Healing & Yoga,” I search for it in the landscape. The ancient lands that still hold magic pull me into wonder. If I could make a living traveling to them and sharing them with others, I would joyfully do so.

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19 thoughts on “Alethea

  1. Jenn

    Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your posts. I haven’t forgotten about our class; I was looking into the Wednesday class as a second option. I’ll let you know soon. Jenn


  2. Running Elk

    Wow! What a wonderfully open and honest space, housing such a beautiful and sweet energy. I’ll be setting aside some time to play catch up sometime… 😉
    Thank you 🙂


  3. Hi Alethea,
    Just came across your blog – The Healing Weight of Water. Thank you! Very inspiring and has given me some new insight into the healing power of water in our bodies/ energetic lives. I am facilitating an ecstatic dance tonight called Dancing Freedom on Vancouver Island, BC (Canada.) Our theme is Water – exploring through movement, free-form dancing, cleansing and releasing restrictive patterns, creating space for new life. Your post has inspired me. Thank you Alethea! 🙂
    My website:


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