The Climb of Life

I thought, naively, that it would get easier once I reached the teachings of the third-degree, but that of course was the wish of the fool. The path back to self is not for the faint of heart. One must sign-up for the long haul over treacherous terrain. The stumbles speak of resistance to the fall, yet who doesn’t stumble? This is not a dive off a cliff into icy waters to over-come fear in one brave leap. No, this is the walk of the conscious placement of feet while knowing that the ground may give way at any moment to quicksand. That at every bend in the road, one might find a monster from the past, reminding you of what you have not let go.

The Fool card in The Rider Tarot Deck

We are birthed to experience separation, but life is not actually about the survival of the fittest. No, Darwin had it wrong. This is not about whose genes are superior, for no one is selected out. We can pretend we are immune to the darkness that haunts us as we walk through life. We can pretend we have control over our steps, which are always one step ahead of our shadows, but that too is the walk of the fool.

The Five of Pentacles card in The Rider Tarot Deck

Shadows lurk until we shine the light of awareness upon them. They feed on our thoughts and our dreams, draining the light within until the darkness dims the soul’s truth. Eventually we must surrender.

The Nine of Swords in The Rider Tarot Deck

The demon is always within. All else is an illusion. You can pretend it wears the face of the other, but you can only lie to the soul for so long. Growth withers in darkness, yet somehow most of us learn to shun the light. We forget that the light without is also within. That there is, in fact, no separation. After we are birthed into the world we fall prey to pride, telling ourselves, “Ahaha, I can do this alone. Look at me!”

The Five of Swords in The Rider Tarot Deck

We look at each other and say, “Look at me. Look at you. We are not the same.” Inside our minds we draw up comparisons and place ranks. Yet the soul knows no division. It knows only unity.

The Sun card in The Rider Tarot Deck

You’d think it would be easy, this coming back home to the core. To the truth. Who doesn’t want to experience the harmonious state of oneness. Of a state that is of joy, peace, and grace? Yet we cling to the past. To what we have learned through separation. We cling to the hurts and the perceived injustices. To the what-ifs and have-nots. We cling to the not-good-enough and the I-want-more. We believe life is a struggle for survival, a constant climb to get to the top, not realizing that once we get to the “top,” we must fall back down.

The Tower card in The Rider Tarot Deck

Healing Through the Heart: An Offer


As many of you are probably doing, I find myself looking for ways that I can help the worldwide causes that are in jeopardy. Since the health of our environment is one of the areas of particular threat, and a great concern of mine, I have decided to offer my services in exchange for donations to environmental charities. The offer is good through the month of February. In return for a 30-minute energy healing session (distant or in-person), or a 30-minute intuitive reading (distant or in-person), I am asking that you make a donation to a reputable environmental organization. There are so many charities and causes concerned with preserving and improving the health of our planet, I don’t wish to limit your choices. If, though, you need some suggestions, click  here for a great list.

To redeem this offer, please email me at with a receipt of your donation and preferred dates and times for your healing or reading.  For more information, you can visit my website at 

Free Tarot Thursday One Card Readings #tarot

On my Facebook page Inner Truth Healing I offered free 1 card readings for the first 5 people to respond. Here are the readings, using alias names chosen by the requesters. Periodically I offer free healing sessions and readings. if you are interested, please considering liking my page.  For more information on my services you can visits my website Inner Truth Healing. Now, onto the readings:

1-card readings May 28, 2015

Moodie Chic asked, “Why am I always feeling so alone?”

I was guided to use Doreen Virtue’s “Life Purpose Oracle Cards” for this reading. The card I drew for you was “Crystals.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

Crystals by Doreen Virtue, Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Crystals by Doreen Virtue, Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Those of us who often feel lonely in this lifetime have chosen to experience this as part of their journey and lessons. It is not always easy to be comfortable alone, but in solitude we can find our greatest source of love and healing. Moodie Chic, you have a strong connection to gemstones and crystals, these healing energies that come from the heart of Earth are great gifts of healing to be used with love and gratitude. They connect us not only to Earth’s healing light, but also to the Source/Divine healing light of the angelic realms. When you work with stones and crystals, make a conscious decision to connect to their healing gifts and wisdom. Infuse your art with this healing and, in doing so, you will gain greater connection with yourself, the Earthly realms and the etheric realms. When you extend your gifts out to others through crystals and stones, you will be creating a connection of the heart, which is truly the greatest gift we can give to one another. Also, since the color purple is so prominent in this card, you may want to evoke the energy of St. Germaine. Archangel Raphael is coming to mind. Purple is a wonderfully healing and soothing energy and will help you to feel more connected and in tune with the love energy of the Universe.

Barbara asked, “Will I soon find acceptance in this difficult situation I have been going through and trying to heal and resolve, or do I still have unseen work to do?”

For your question, I used “The Gilded Tarot” deck by Ciro Marchetti. The card I drew for you was the “8 of Pentacles.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

8 of Pentacles by Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot
8 of Pentacles by Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot

The pentacles evoke sacred geometry and the Enneagram, which can be looked at as a symbol of the journey one takes in life (to put it in very simple terms). The pentacles are often seen as the symbol of Earthly riches and the energies associated with wealth and abundance. In this image, 7 pentacles are above you, ungrounded. If you look closer, they could be seen as being tangled in spider webs. This difficult situation that you have been dealing with has used up a lot of mental energy for you, and has caused you to call into question the very essence of who you are. This can also be seen by your study of the 8th pentacle that you hold in your hand like a scholar. The situation has been a big lesson in your life, and one you agreed to take on with the other parties involved. Do try to remember this, as difficult as it has been, there is a greater purpose to the events. That cloak of red energy you are wearing is held by the blue energy of truth wrapped with the purple energy of healing and divine wisdom. Take care not to expend too much mental energy thinking about the “why’s” and “what ifs” in this situation (the blue cap on your head hints at mental energy and your close study of the pentacle), but allow the pentacles to fall back into their places. The mice in the card and the cobwebs are reminders that this situation has caused you to neglect other parts of your daily life, and it has caused imbalance. You are being called to surrender this situation and its lessons to the heart, where the energies can be diffused, resolved and accepted. It is not the knowing of why that is so important, but an acceptance of it as a difficult gift that you have agreed to experience. Also, because there is a spider in this image, you may gain healing and relief by writing about this experience, even if it is simply for your own eyes to view. Writing can be a deeply cathartic act, helping you to understand and release the tangled emotions you hold within. Light three candles, as you do this, and send out the intention of love, grace and forgiveness for all involved.

Titania asked, “What is the overall energy of the month of June as it relates to my current circumstances.” 

For your question I used Steven D. Farmer’s “Earth Magic” oracle cards, and drew the card “GAIA: Nurturing.” Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

GAIA: Nurturing by Steven D. Farmer, Earth Magic Oracle Cards
GAIA: Nurturing by Steven D. Farmer, Earth Magic Oracle Cards

June, the month of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, is a month filled with the abundance of light and the growth of life. You are being asked to work with these wonderful energies in the weeks ahead, nurturing both the life within you and the life around you. Embrace the Mother energies so abundantly available in this month, as well as the access and connection to the source of light. There is the potential for great growth to occur within you and, also, the ability, if you choose, for you to seed the growth in others. This card reminds you that all life is birthed from the Mother energy, and there is no limit to its abundance. There is no limit to growth and healing. I am drawn to the rainbow rays that extend from the hands of the Gaia goddess image in this card. When you look at both hands, you see that the growth is not just a physical manifestation, but also a healing. Allow the development and sharing of the healing gifts you hold within as you enter this next month of growth and abundance. Nurture yourself, and through this nurturing, allow your gifts to touch those around you, but take care not to over-whelm yourself with this intention. Let it flow naturally and easily. Do not let it cloud the vision you hold to be true, and make sure your words are clearly spoken with kindness. Your gifts are waiting to be brought to the Earth, to spread and take life. To seeded, nurtured and grown.

MM L4 asked, “What is the best way to move forward with the sale of my house in order to move in the spring of 2016.”

I used Kris Waldherr’s deck “The Goddess Tarot” for your reading. Please study the image in the card and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from it.

5 of Pentacles by Kris Waldherr, Goddess Tarot
5 of Pentacles by Kris Waldherr, Goddess Tarot

Your card was the “5 of Pentacles.” This card evokes the energies associated with the number 5, which often center around personal action and/or struggle/conflict as well as the earthly concerns associated with the pentacles (such as wealth and finances). In this card I see two aspects of you, the once that is cloaked in an internal struggle, and the one that is looking toward a future possibility. This move does not appear to be an easy one for you to process, and you have wrapped yourself up inside a cocoon of concerns that are, in some ways, impeding the flow of internal energies that are needed for you to allow this move to occur with ease and grace. Know that these struggles are within you, and not external hurdles.When you let go of these wrappings, the energies needed for the move and the sale of your home will arrive with ease and grace. It is causing you to be in a state of winter, dormancy and inaction, but look at the spring energies surrounding the image that holds you. New life is waiting for you, and you know this, because there also exists that other aspect of yourself that is contemplating the new life and what it will offer to you. So, you are being asked to shed these wraps and fully step into the energies of the new. Don’t hold onto worry or fear, or any feeling that weighs you down and prevents movement and clear vision. Open up fully to the move and the new path of your journey and embrace its gifts.

Alia asked, “For insight on moving, including when, where and/or how.”

I drew 1 card from two different decks for this one, just for some clarity on the situation. The first card I drew was “Adjustment” from Aliester Crowley’s “Thoth” tarot and the second was “Raising Your Standards” from Doreen Virtue’s “Healing with the Fairies” oracle cards. Please study the images in the cards and use your own intuitive insights as well as the messages I received from them.

Doreen Virtue's "Raising Your Standards" Healing with the Fairies oracle card and Aleister Crowley's "Adjustment" Thoth tarot card
Doreen Virtue’s “Raising Your Standards” Healing with the Fairies oracle card and Aleister Crowley’s “Adjustment” Thoth tarot card

If you look at the images in both of the cards, you’ll see a theme with not only colors evoked, but also the energies exhibited in the figures. There is a sense of resignation seen in these figures, almost to the point to defeat, but not quite. This giving in to circumstances is no longer acceptable for your soul’s evolution and you are being asked to “raise your standards” and “adjust” the scales you weigh in your hands. It’s time to ask yourself some questions, such as “What is holding me back from moving?” “What weights have I placed on the my scales?” and “Why have I allowed my wings to extend but not take flight?” This is an internal struggle, and you have spent much time looking inward to the point of inertia. It’s time to remove the blindfold, lift the sword of action and move into the air of truth that is calling to you. You already know who you are, your wings are fully developed. The power of your calling is in your hands, but there is a need for movement. Not only must you adjust your standards, but raise them. Don’t settle. Remove the knot around your heart and lift your sights to the possibilities before you. This is what is holding you back. Doubt and an over-abundance of internal dialogue. You have already made the decision to move, as seen by the figure in Doreen’s deck (see how she has descended the steps from the house she was in), but you continue to look back, as though something is holding you to the old. I see this theme repeated more strongly in the “Adjustment” card where the figure has wrapped her feet around the sword she has grounded and there are 4 shapes evoking pillars of stability around her. It’s time to be bold and fly. Don’t doubt your ability. Look at those beautiful wings, which evoke the beautiful, confident energies of the peacock. The how, when and where is up to you, but I think it’s safe to say that you are being called to seek something greater than you might have thought previously attainable, and not just with your physical move. Take action towards that goal when you are ready. You are ready, it simply takes the choice to remove the blindfold.

As with any reading you receive, please take the insights that resonate with you and add to them your own intuitive guidance. Namaste, Alethea

Salamander, Tarot and the Element of Fire #tarot #salamandersymbolism


Those of you who study Tarot will know that the image of the salamander appears on 3 cards of the Rider deck, all in the suit of wands – representing the element of fire. The salamander, though, is shown only on the “royalty” cards, and not on all 4.
Rider Page of Wands
In the Page of Wands, we see a young person contemplating the growth that is sprouting from his wand, which he holds like a staff, ready to embark upon a journey.  He wears a yellow tunic (symbolic of the 3rd chakra – the power center),  which is covered in salamanders curving toward circles. Under the tunic, the Page has on orange leggings, the same color as the lining of his cloak.

Rider Knight of Wands

The next card in the line of royalty, the Knight of Wands, depicts a knight riding a steed, presumably towards battle. Again, we see a yellow tunic with salamanders, some of which are now forming complete circles, connecting tails to heads. The figure has moved from the point of contemplation that we see in the Page card, to action. The color orange, symbolic of the 2nd, or sacral, chakra, appears on the steed, as well as in flaming plumes emerging from the Knight’s back and head.

The 2nd chakra is where we house the energy of creation, both sexual and artistic. From this energy center, which exists between our tailbone and our solar plexus, we give birth to our unique gifts. When our 2nd chakra is healthy, we  glow with the fire of creation. We have a healthy and satisfying sexual life, and are manifesting our innate creative gifts.

The salamander has long been considered the animal symbol of fire.  Some species of salamander, the type we associate with the elemental symbol of fire, are a bright orange. Often we see them appear in the woods, or upon our walking paths, after it has rained and the earth is still damp. These silent, harmless creatures, look like curls of flame on the forest floor, and we must watch our step carefully so as not to tread on them.

The lithe body of the salamander also evokes the element of fire with its ability to bend and twist with stealth-like ease as it crawls across the ground.  Its moist skin reminds us that fire often needs the element of water to temper its heat. When we have too much fire energy inside of us, we can literally feel a burning in our second chakra. Sometimes this burning is a call to put our creative gifts into action, sometimes it reminds us of a balance lost.  When an individual has suffered sexual abuse, or is sexually obsessed (which can be a side-effect of sexual abuse), the second chakra will often appear over-inflamed.

With the second chakra, as with any of our energy centers, it is always a question of finding that healthy balance. An over-expressed chakra can create havoc, while a stagnant chakra can lead to lethargy. In the case of the second chakra in particular, a loss of appetite for pleasure and a lack of vibrancy in one’s aura can result.

When I opened up my deck of Rider Tarot cards I was initially surprised to see that the image of the salamander appeared on the Page, Knight and King (image later in post) cards, but not on the Queen.

Rider Queen of Wands

Unlike in your average deck of cards, the King in Tarot does not “trump” the Queen card. In fact, I often find that the Queen cards symbolize a more balanced energy representative of the suit. In the Queen of Wands in the Rider deck, we find a woman/queen sitting on a throne with her legs relaxed and spread out to the sides. Her “relaxed” posture shows us that her 2nd chakra is unrestricted.

The animals featured in the card include the lion, fox, and cat. Two of the three lions are yellow, as is the robe and crown of the queen, symbolic of the 3rd charka, the seat of our inner power. The fox is red/orange, evoking the 1st and 2nd chakras – another indication of the comfortable, fearless aura of the queen. In her hands she holds her wand (in bloom) and a sunflower – a symbol of the birth of one’s creative and sexual self (the fertilized seed’s growth into a flower). Then there’s the black cat, sitting at her feet. When I was at Goddard College, I took a tarot workshop with Rachel Pollack, and I remember her telling us that she associates herself with the Queen of Wands card.

Once, when Pollack was giving tarot workshops overseas, a black cat suddenly appeared and sat at her feet while she spoke, then, just as quietly, left when she was finished. The cat, especially the black cat, is associated with feminine mystery and magic. One can’t help but feel the feminine and creative power of this card, yet it is not overwhelming or threatening.Rider King of Wands

Now, maybe it’s just me, but the figure in the King of Wands card looks a bit disgruntled, and dare I say a bit angry. Although he is seated, he looks as though he is getting ready to stand, his gaze turned toward an unknown source that may be troubling him. His left hand (the hand that held the sunflower in the Queen of Wands), is partially clenched and the arm is pulled back as though prepping to support the king to stand.

The element of fire is everywhere in the picture. The King’s hair is a red/orange, as is his dress. His yellow crown bares tips that look like flames, and the salamander has reappeared. Instead of a cat at his feet, we see a salamander off to the side. On the back of his throne, and on the outer layer of his cloak, there are salamanders curled into circles. One can’t help but think that the king has not only mastered this element, but perhaps has over-mastered it to the point where there is an imbalance, or too much heat, in the second chakra.

Twice in recent days, an orange salamander has appeared on my path. Its small, flame-like body reminding me to go within and assess the 2nd chakra energies that are calling for balance, for voice, and for healing. It’s a reminder that sometimes  we need a bit of fire to burn off the emotional element of water, and to spur our desires into action. My salamander, after all, came after rain.