Life’s Blessings

The scent of frankincense is infused in the air, and beside me there is a note, a deck of cards, a bar of wrapped soap, and an unfolded indigo cloth with the hand-stitched words, “inner truth healing.” A phone also sits beside me, holding a message that reads like a miracle.

I am blessed. It is a day where this knowing is infused into every cell of my being. The tears, for now, have been wiped free from my eyes, but my heart still sings with love and joy. There is, within me, the knowing that the heart is woven with the threads of every heart. The gift of Truth permeates the tangible packages beside me.

The angel cards were gifted to me this morning. “I found these at a thrift store and thought of you,” my friend said as she handed me the box.

The First Gift of the Day

One learns in these moments that although a present can be beautiful, the energy it holds is where the true gift resides. To have taken the time to think of someone else and know that what you have found for them is a mirror of their truth is a gesture of love. The recipient cannot help but feel it.

The second gift arrived from Abudhabi, wrapped in a brown envelope. I tore the ends to release more magic in the form of camel’s milk soap infused with frankincense, a folded indigo cloth with white, hand-stitched words, and a note. By then I was over-come.


Of the cloth, my friend from Abudhabi wrote, “The embroidery I made for you is on a hand-woven, hand-dyed substrate — an indigo cloth…Indigo is a healing dye–and in Indonesia only women in midlife are allowed to handle it — it’s considered magical, mysterious, and powerful.”


I held the cloth to my heart and breathed deep. I could feel magic. I could feel love.

There is an indescribable joy that fills one’s being at moments like this. The knowing that one’s life is infused with love, as all life is, is a precious gift.

I am blessed.

Gratitude fills my heart.

Thank you.


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