Rites of Passage: The weight of history

The Silent Eye

It was a beautiful day, and our first port of call on the weekend workshop was the picturesque Derbyshire village of Eyam which nestles within the shelter or moorland hills. With its mellow stone, quaint cottages spanning centuries of architecture, a medieval church and the riotous colour of its cottage gardens, it should be the perfect place to spend a pleasant afternoon… but we had other ideas and Eyam is a village with a long history and a story to tell.

On the moors above Eyam are a number of barrows and ruined stone circles, almost lost beneath the heather and bracken, attesting to a living presence in this area since before recorded history. With views across to Higger Tor and Carl Wark, which we had visted on a previous workshop, there is little doubt that these sites were linked to the wider landscape, both mundane and sacred.


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Fear and Love in the High Peak – part one

The Silent Eye

It’s not the best of photo resolutions, but the above image says it all. Briony saluting the Derbyshire landscape in her own way at the end of three days of the Silent Eye’s Tideswell-based workshop: Sue and Stuart’s creation; and a wonderful experience for the group of souls who braved the provocative title for the weekend…

Rites of Passage: Seeing beyond Fear

…and decided that they would examine the roots of their own fears… and face them in the warmth of loving companionship and symbolic danger.

It’s a time-honoured formula for all mystical organisations; one that brings us all to a point where the day to day ‘fog’ of habitual perception is cut through by the vividness of landscape and experience. That’s what we hope to achieve on these weekends. This one worked well – and in different ways for each person, as it should, for we all…

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The Waters of Life

France & Vincent

18th Dynasty funerary mask, Louvre18th Dynasty funerary mask, Louvre

“We, like the earth, arose from the Waters of Chaos. A point of Becoming in the potential that Became. It was all there… everything that is, was and will be… all that might be… in that single moment; complete, yet eternally unfolding.

Before we were, there was only Nun, the Inert One. A current of possibility arose in the watery abyss of sentient potential, born perhaps of awareness, and a bubble was formed in the nothingness that was All.

Our children remembered, somewhere deep in their being and, not understanding what they knew, they looked at their world and found parallels in their landscape of flood and desert. They told how the first land had arisen as a sacred mountain from the waters. Some said that upon that land a Child had been brought into being, others told of a flower, or a bird, but…

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Rites of Passage: Changes…

The Silent Eye

On the morning of the workshop, long before our companions were due to arrive, two small figures faced a mass of stone and a fair degree of uncertainty. Having scaled the rocky heights, we were agreed… we would have to change the plan. We could not impose that climb on anyone else; we needed to find another way.

It was not that we didn’t know the landscape; we know it well, but fear can cloud judgement and blur lines that should be clear. So, in our usual fashion, unsuitably shod and… in my case at least… with flowing skirts tucked childlike into waistbands, we had gone out early to check over the ground… and, having done so, descended to seek another site. As always, the land provided.

There are some things you just cannot leave to chance… and double or triple checking the lay of the land is an important…

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Out-running the Rule…

France & Vincent


… With all this in mind,

It becomes increasingly difficult

not to grow inordinately ‘suspicious’ of letters.


A lot of people strive for ‘letters’ after their name,

either believing,

or having been told,

or both,

that this represents

some sort of gateway to success in the world.


Well, it can represent that,

 or, indeed, even be such a gateway…

but, perhaps, more pertinently

it can also be used to impress

impressionable people.


The better, to gain sway over them,

as the Wolf might have said to Little Red…


But, well, really,

if one wants to do this sort of thing properly,

it is letters before the name

that really count.




Nowadays most people would ‘kill’ for that,

and, perhaps, they always would have…


It is not difficult to see why.


I mean, it is ‘transgender’

before that concept was even…

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Latest recycling and environmental news…16th September 2019…

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this weeks environmental and recycling news as always I share both the good and the bad with you and hope that as you also do your own research that you form your own balanced opinion on how things are going…Can we believe all the headlines? I think from past experience the answer to that is no…

I don’t smoke and abhor the smell of it…I have also written about cigarette butts b4….For something so small and I have seen people just flick them away…They create a pretty big mountain of trash and do untold damage…

Cigarette butts have long been the single most collected item on the world’s beaches, with a total of more than 60 million collected over 32 years.

It’s no wonder that cigarette butts have drawn attention. The vast majority of the 5.6 trillion cigarettes manufactured worldwide each year come with filters made of cellulose…

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Writing the blurb?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Coyote walking by Sue Vincent

The book was done, all that remained was to get it up on Amazon and write the blurb. It is not an easy task to encapsulate a story in a few words, hoping to capture the interest of potential readers, while giving some flavour of what waits between the covers. It is a task dreaded by many writers and, at least where our books are concerned, usually left to me. With An Imperious Impulse, though, apparently, I had nothing left to do.

“We already have the blurb!”

“We do?”

“We do!” My companion passed me the blurb and I began to read aloud.

“‘Coyote is a Native American culture hero, buffoon, and trickster figure who mixes animal and human traits to mostly comic, often catastrophic, and sometimes salutary effect.’ Not quite how I’d have phrased it, but… ‘The world in which Coyote moves can be conceived as a parallel to…

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