Co-Creating a New Earth Meditation


While I was having a past-life regression with Karen Kubicko on 11/14/15, I was given information by my spirit guides about how to co-create a New Earth. I would like to share this information with you so that you can perform a meditation privately, or in a group setting, if you feel called to do so. Performing this as a group will magnify the vibration, but as I was shown, one person holding the light can also have a great effect. We sometimes forget how powerful we are. It’s time to remember the Light, which we are all a part of. It’s time to create, together, a New Earth.

To be a conscious co-creator of this Light that is Love there are no physical tools needed. Of course you may use crystals, candles and other items that you wish to help bring you to the vibrational state of heart-centered Love, but really this is all that is required. the heart-centered state of Love. You may sit in silence, or play a piece of beautiful music softly in the background. Whatever feels right for you and your group is right.

If you are working in a group, you may wish to sit in a circle and hold hands. Joining your energy in this physical way can be quite powerful. If you are performing this mediation alone, you need only an undisturbed space where you can enter the heart-center that resides within you, connecting you to the universal vibration that is Love.

Once you are settled into this state, ask that the Rainbow Frequencies of Light be downloaded into your DNA, or if they are already downloaded, ask or feel your connection to them. Allow whatever time is needed for this to occur. Feel the wonderful sensation of this beautiful frequency of Light inside your body. Feel it connecting you to Source and all beings that exist in this high vibrational state.

See with you inner eye and feel these Beings of Love surrounding you and Earth. Allow yourself to receive the knowing that there is an abundance of loving guidance and help waiting to be given, you need only to ask. To be an open vessel to receive. Ask for it now. Ask that you and Earth be surrounded by the highest frequency of this Love-Light and that a New Earth be co-created, or resurrected. As the New Earth that waits to be created is actually a resurrection of Earth before fear was allowed to over-shadow Love.

Feel the grace of being, and the knowing that you are a conscious co-creator of this New Earth that is Love. See this New Earth as it manifests itself to you inside the palette of your heart’s eye. It is Joy. Pure Joy manifested. Feel it. Know it. It is Truth, which is Beauty.

Now allow yourself to become a channel of Light that is pure Joy and Love. You are a host, a vessel to bring forth this Light that is Love into Earth. Allow it to move where it is needed, spreading and seeding the Light into Earth. Know that this Light that is Love is connecting to the Love that resides in all beings who call Earth home, and that you are gently, and through the highest intention of Love, helping them to remember this Light that is also their Light. You are helping to reconnect the Universal Web of Light that is also the Sacred Song of “Om.”

If you feel inspired to do so, chant “Om” aloud, or within your heart-space, calling forth and connecting with the Sacred Song, the Universal Song. Feel and see your connection to all beings who sing this song, such as  the whales and dolphins. Feel and know the indescribable Peace it brings.

You may now choose to continue spreading and seeding the Light, or you may choose to take it further, allowing the Light to not only spread and seed, but also to erase fear. Again, ask for guidance from these 5th dimensional beings and beyond, angels, archangels, ascended masters and the Divine, in the highest intention that is pure Love, to allow you to channel the Light  while you, together, erase the habit of fear that is trapped inside Earth and inside the hearts of many of her children, over-shadowing the Light that is Love. This is allowed now, because it is needed. It is allowed because you are working in the highest vibration that is Love. Know this as Truth.

You might see this erasing as a large broom sweeping across Earth, gently brushing out the vibration of fear, or you may feel that you have become, in this state of intention, like a tornado of Light moving across Earth and her waters. The channel of Light that is you, moves to the pockets of held fear, opening them up to Light. Sending and transmuting this trapped habit of fear back to Light that is Love. That is Joy.

Again, allow this sweeping of fear and channeling of Light to occur as long as you feel is needed, or that is comfortable for you. Know that you will be this vessel for as long as is needed, or that you allow. Remember that you have free will and that this will be honored.

When you are finished, give gratitude and thanks. Send Love to Gaia and to her waters. The waters hold memories and emotions. When we send Love to water, in particular, we transmute trapped fear into Love, returning the memory of being in this frequency of Love that connects us to the Sacred Song, into the cells of our being. The water inside of us raises to the frequency of Joy at the same time, providing healing to ourselves and the waters of Earth.

Send gratitude to Source and all the beings of pure Love and Light who have helped you be a vessel of Light. Ask that they continue to work through you and with you to co-create and resurrect this New Earth. Ask that they inspire your work and your art with the Rainbow Frequency of Light so that it is infused with the Beauty of Truth. And ask that other Warriors of Light be inspired to co-create this New Earth in whatever way they are called to do so.

Perform and share this meditation as often as you desire, in the highest intention of Light that is Love.

My deepest gratitude and Love to you for sharing the Light, Alethea

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