Rebirthing a World of Peace Meditation #peace #meditation

Rebirthing Peace

Spring is the season for rebirth. Now, while green life pushes through the thawing ground, we feel the stirrings of new beginnings. As the snow recedes, there is the urge to shed the heavier wraps of winter, and embrace the energy of sun, and the power of our creative forces. This rebirthing of the self is a universal calling, stirring all life forms on the planet.

On Saturday, I learned the art of Heart-Breathing during a workshop. Since then, I have been working with this simple, yet beautiful and effective breath. We can heart-breathe at any time, or, as I will show you, we can heart-breathe in meditation to shift our energy, as well as to help shift the collective energy on the planet. Here is the mediation that came to me this morning while heart-breathing:

Find a quiet place to relax into a meditative state (if you are outside, sitting with your back against a tree is a wonderful choice). Close your eyes, if you choose, and imagine the energy of Earth coming up through the core of the planet, through the base of your spine (or if you are standing, bring it up through the soles of your feet), and meeting at your heart-center. At the same time (or with your next breath), imagine the energy of the heavens coming down through your crown chakra and meeting at your heart-center. You can assign the energies colors (such as white for the God/Universal energy and red for Earth), or you can imagine them as pure light meeting at your heart chakra.

With each inhale, draw these two energies into your heart, so they meet and mingle into one energy. With your exhale, imagine the energy of love expanding. Continue this pattern with each breath, and you will feel the humming vibration of heart/love energy expanding throughout your body. Choose to linger in this energy, continuing to draw it in with each inhale, and expanding with each exhale, as long as you choose.

If you wish to radiate the heart-breath energy beyond your being (it will ripple regardless, but you can enhance the effect), imagine, with your exhale, this wonderful love energy expanding beyond your heart, beyond your body and aura, to the entire plant. Each breath draws in more energy, and each exhale expands it further. If you choose, send that energy to surround the entire planet, or concentrate it on specific areas around the globe that need the energy of love and peace right now. With your heart-breathing, vibrate love and peace into these places of your choice, the entire world, certain beings, etc., and imagine and feel that energy transmuting the pain/fear-based energy into this wonderful soft peace/love energy that is vibrating from your heart.

If you are interested in meditating for world peace, you may wish to visit the Global Coherence Initiative.



4 thoughts on “Rebirthing a World of Peace Meditation #peace #meditation

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I have done something very similar and it is wonderful and this is a great reminder.

    It also, is something (your link to this blog) I’ll be sharing when I post an announcement about this (a woman in Australia contacted me about it):

    It is SUNDAY 26TH MAY at 12 Noon your Local Time, so that wherever you are in the world, whatever your location World Healing will be at.12noon 26/5/13 .


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