10 Photos To Remind You That Life Is Precious

For the 3.2.1 Me blog challenge that Jan Malique nominated me for. I’m sort of cheating with this one, but since I already participated in the challenge writing about inspiration, and this post captured so beautifully the subject of “beauty,” I felt I could not have done better:

Kindness Blog

Missing his father…Missing his father…
This powerful image is of Luke Wilson, the son of a soldier who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.
When his mother shared this image on Facebook she added this description: “Found my son sitting having a moment with his daddy the other day. We lost him Jan. 15 in Afghanistan. … We cannot forget about the incredible loss these children must undertake.”
It’s so painful to see this. But such a reminder of the effect we have on the people around us… even when we are gone.

A Pregnant CorpseA Pregnant Corpse

A miracle procedureA miracle procedure
This beautiful young lady has been through so much. On New Year’s Eve Pippie, as she’s affectionately called, was playing in the garden, while her family was having a barbeque when the bottle of lighter liquid exploded in her daddy’s hands.
Pippie sustained 3rd degree burns over 80% of her…

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