Healing Waters: A Visual Journey #water #ocean #seacoast

During our recent family trip to California, we spent quite a bit of time on the coast. It was incredibly healing and rejuvenating for all of us. While the teenagers explored surfing, I couldn’t get enough of the beauty of the sea, its life, and the feel of the tide against my feet. Here are some of the photos I took, which I hope evoke that healing and rejuvenating feeling:

10 thoughts on “Healing Waters: A Visual Journey #water #ocean #seacoast

  1. Water has great healing power to me, the ocean in particular, Alethea. The salt in the air from the ocean has great healing power also. A family facility by one of the beaches here in southern CA created an indoor beach in a dome filled with salty air. Family could spend time in it to play while breathing in the salty air.

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  2. Lovely post.
    I agree with you, Alethea – – Water is healing.
    I love looking at any body of water, be it a manmade lake, an ocean, a river, or a waterfall. I find the ripples or waves calming and assuring. I like the feeling of water gently lapping at my feet and receding as watch the mighty, endless ocean as it meets the sky.
    I recently visited Asheville where my husband and I hiked to 5 gorgeous falls. The sound of water gently flowing at the beginning of our hike, then intensifying as we near the height of the cascading fall over boulders (in places from 120 ft) is amazing.
    The sights, the sounds, and the surroundings near each waterfall we visited were distinct and beautiful.

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