Onward #writephoto #poetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Talk to me about silence

I can’t hear your words

A mind closed by fear shuts

the ears and averts the eyes

while the voice calling out

to be heard

becomes a child

waiting to be seen


Last night, I must have been

traveling backwards

on this road we share

Fear holding constriction

the voice buried between

your mountains


I’ve decided to take a new turn

to the place called “Onward”

It lies just beyond those hills

where the air is open and free

And the sun spreads her fingers wide

to trace the valley of shadows

back into the light

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Ebb #Writephoto #SueVincent

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Low tide in England
Photo Credit: Sue Vincent #writephoto


The tide washed away her secrets
but she had more
Inside the membrane of her skin
she held an ocean of memories
Some of which were not hers
You can tell by the pattern of the waves
beating against the shoreline of self
what is trying to get out
Water erodes, but doesn’t erase
Fine lines become depressions
and sometimes life grows out of decay
when light is allowed to breathe into the darkness
That is when the green takes over
spreading out of the crevices of old wounds
to remind her of renewal
and the next wave cleansing
instead of drowning

The Body Beneath


The Body Beneath

The words sound like she is falling

apart, but she is coming together. Rebirth

is not measured in months. 9

years ago her body was a volcano

erupting with night to release repression

Dreams dwell in darkness more easily than light

and the voice that calls out to Truth must breach

the cloak that binds. She is a human

awakening through layers, shedding

the heavy garments of deception

while the body beneath blooms light

The Dreamer


The Dreamer

A self undefined, she follows the moon

pulling the tide into the ocean of her neck

to spill a blue rhythm that caresses the folded

notes of voice

Can you hear her heart song

rising through fear? It is drumming

Truth into a rainbow bridge

climbing scales back to the heights of Self

past clouds that offer rain

 to the Sun that gleams

in her belly, now radiant

How can you not see her brilliance?

The Body’s Reply

The Body’s Reply

You see, Child of the Mind
I cannot lie

When you let go of constriction
I follow the moon-tide

Old blood releases
to return Her light

Whoever said the moon is man
lies to hold fear in thrall

Enchantment is a misunderstood
power of denial

The magic to being
is coded in every cell I hold

When you divide anger with forgiveness
you receive abundance

I play by simple math

The product of tolerance
minus hate is love

These rules you have created
only impede our growth

Would you starve a child if you knew
she lived inside the hunger of your heart?

Give her the breath you trap
it is enough to feed her

To understand infinity free the wings
you have tied behind my back

Reunion is simple addition
after you learn the rules of subtraction


In the space between hope


In the space between hope

the refuge of want hides

inside amorphous wings

you were not born to wait

for the golden sun to shine

upon you

shake this dusty


feel the heart break

the cage that holds it


stagger against the beat

until you find





explore darkness

and you will reach

eternal light