The Body’s Reply

The Body’s Reply

You see, Child of the Mind
I cannot lie

When you let go of constriction
I follow the moon-tide

Old blood releases
to return Her light

Whoever said the moon is man
lies to hold fear in thrall

Enchantment is a misunderstood
power of denial

The magic to being
is coded in every cell I hold

When you divide anger with forgiveness
you receive abundance

I play by simple math

The product of tolerance
minus hate is love

These rules you have created
only impede our growth

Would you starve a child if you knew
she lived inside the hunger of your heart?

Give her the breath you trap
it is enough to feed her

To understand infinity free the wings
you have tied behind my back

Reunion is simple addition
after you learn the rules of subtraction


2 thoughts on “The Body’s Reply

    1. Thank you, Lori. I didn’t set out to write this today, but these are the words that wanted to come out. Thought I would be working on my Y/A book a bit more than I did…got to go where the muse takes you. 🙂


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