Ebb #Writephoto #SueVincent

Here is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #Writephoto prompt. To participate in the challenge, please visit Sue’s blog.

Low tide in England
Photo Credit: Sue Vincent #writephoto


The tide washed away her secrets
but she had more
Inside the membrane of her skin
she held an ocean of memories
Some of which were not hers
You can tell by the pattern of the waves
beating against the shoreline of self
what is trying to get out
Water erodes, but doesn’t erase
Fine lines become depressions
and sometimes life grows out of decay
when light is allowed to breathe into the darkness
That is when the green takes over
spreading out of the crevices of old wounds
to remind her of renewal
and the next wave cleansing
instead of drowning

20 thoughts on “Ebb #Writephoto #SueVincent

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