North-easterly: Sidetracked by beauty

Lovely post from Sue about taking in the beauty of the moment:

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“You do know the tide’s coming in….?” I did, but the rocks were too tempting and the water clear and shallow, reflecting the light of the setting sun at the end of a long day. It had been a good weekend, with plenty of chance to talk to our friends and, apart from the downpour on Friday evening,  some really lovely weather.

For me, being by the sea had been a treat in itself. I see it too rarely and there will always be a sense of wonder and reverence, as well as all the excitement of childhood, whenever the journey we are taking takes me to the shores of this island that is our home.

The final moments of our last evening were spent on the beach at Beadnell, watching the colours shift and change, painting perfect landscapes, casting shadows on the sand and revealing ancient sea-worn faces in…

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