Pilgrims of blood and stone

These adventures with the Silent Eye School are nothing short of extraordinary. This one is in September. I do wish I could make them all. Do read ahead and see about joining them for the weekend:

Sun in Gemini

Castles 25Jul Rose and Warkworthv1

The blood: the Life that flows through us, taken in as breath, fresh each second, flowing out to be renewed in the world of nature; natural, given.

The stone: the fixed structures we rely on to ensure persistence of that life-force made flesh. The riddle, the contradiction – the mystery… beginning with that most profound and persistent structure: the body…

There is no more beautiful a coastline in which to explore the mystery of our being than Northumberland. The beaches are wonderful, the climate is usually mild late into the Autumn. The mellowness of September will be perfect.

This former Kingdom in its own right is rich in history; ancient and modern. Yet, it remains unvisited by most. Look on a map and you’ll see how it’s lovely hills and coast form a separate realm between England and Scotland.

Northumberland from Google ( Image above: Northumberland – an ancient Kingdom between England and…

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5 thoughts on “Pilgrims of blood and stone

    1. My pleasure. It really is torture for me not being there for all of these 😉 I know you three don’t want to necessarily commercialize these workshop weekends, but I keep seeing in my head a large white van with the school’s logo and the words “Silent Eye Sacred Sites Tours” or something to that effect with Sue at the wheel shuttling the crew around… 🙂 ❤

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