A Thousand Miles of History XXXVI: The Templars and the lawless church…

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Our hotel the previous night had been just off the main highway across Bodmin Moor… a perfectly good modern road that would take us where we wanted to be by a fast and direct route. We were never going to take it… not when we might explore obscure hamlets, narrow country lanes and a plethora of places by which we could get sidetracked. The first of these we had noticed while checking the start of our route; a tiny village with an intriguing name. We felt obliged to explore…

Even by our standards the road we took was a little primitive and we were obliged to stop on several occasions while a ewe convinced her lambs that roads are not always the best places to play and sunbathe.

It was not far to Temple, a tiny village off the beaten track and seeming quite remote from the world. The village…

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12 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles of History XXXVI: The Templars and the lawless church…

    1. My Pleasure. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I’m sitting here trying to decide what to do with America’s Stonehenge, which keeps testing me. My computer decided it didn’t like half the photos my phone took and refused to load them. That has literally never happened before…:-) I’ll give you a little hint about the site, though, the serpent energy is there, in fact it’s everywhere, but you have to look for it. It’s not like Arbor Low…


      1. Arbow Low is still my favorite. ❤ That's my thought, I'll email them to myself. Interesting, as I was going through the ones on my phone v. the ones downloaded on my computer, I realized they stopped downloading at about the halfway point at the area of the site where the hairs on my body stood on end even though it was swealtering hot 😉 Those are the photos I most want though, so will try the email method and perhaps begin there for the blog. 🙂


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