A Thousand Miles of History XXXV: A lake of legends…

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Next morning we were once again up and away early, though this time our first stop was only a mile or two down the road and still on Bodmin Moor, a place where there must be as many legends as there are people. We had come to pay our respects to a lake and to those who, so the stories tell us, reside within its depths.

Dozmary Pool is a small and isolated lake left behind by a glacier. Around it the remains of flint-working have been found, suggesting it was a gathering place for early Man and there are many prehistoric remains in the area. The waters of Dozmary feed nearby Colliford Lake and it is one of the sources of the River Fowey. There are no trees and no shelter, and although the ordinary world measures its depth at around ten feet, it is said to be bottomless…

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12 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles of History XXXV: A lake of legends…

      1. I will pass this on to Deb ❤ She was saying how much she'd love to go back to England and do a workshop again. Then we got to talking about the van idea, you know with the "Silent Eye Sacred Sites Tours" printed on the side 😉 She was very enthusiastic about the prospect of not having to drive. Sophia also loved the idea…Then I kept seeing white vans on the road that would be just perfect…:-) ❤


      2. I have no doubt you would… others are doing it at exorbitant rates, as I’m sure you are aware, often with questionable credentials and with less passion for what they are doing…just saying 😉 ❤


      3. Well ​I can’t get it out of my head since June. I keep seeing the white van with the logo and the words on the sides. It’s crystal clear in my head 😉 I personally think it’s meant to be. ❤


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