The Path Ahead


More than ever before in recent history, we are being called to walk present in the Now, with the knowing that what we think, what we do, and how we interact with each other will ripple into the future we create for ourselves. This means being in the presence of grace as much as possible, and allowing the light of the divine to shine through us and before us as we walk these somewhat uncertain steps. It is up to us, together, to decide how much light there will be to guide us, and how many shadows we will choose to dwell within.

Each day, we can wake and ask ourselves, “How can I serve the highest good?” Then, set the intention, “Today I will live with grace and kindness in my actions and interactions; in my thoughts, through my words, and through my doing.”

Here are some ways we can co-create a more compassionate and kinder world. A world where unity is strong in the light of love:

*Wake with gratitude for Life and its gifts, even those that are unpleasant, for they are often our greatest teachers.

*Smile often. Laugh. Hug. Love. Always, if nothing else, Love. Even those you don’t like, for that is where we reach the state of grace.

*Rescue yourself by rescuing another, whether it be an animal, a person, or a tree. Extending that act of compassion to another brings out the best part of ourselves.

*Give your time and gifts when the opportunity arises. If someone, or something, is placed in your path that provides you with an opportunity to give of your gifts, and of your time, embrace it with gratitude.

*Extend gratitude: For the food that you consume and the sources that enabled you to have it. For the people and events in your life that allow you to learn, to grow and to love. To yourself. To Source, in whatever definition that manifests for you. To Earth, as your home (and honor Earth by helping to keep it balanced, clean and healthy). To the waters of life. To anything and anyone who is a part of your life, give thanks.

*Honor your feelings in whatever form they arise, knowing that those uncomfortable ones provide you with an opportunity to heal and to grow.

*Surrender to love, knowing that each fear your harbor is a cloak to the light.

May peace, joy and the ever-present light of love be with all of us.

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