A Call for the Light


We are on the cusp of change. We have chosen and elected our catalyst in the form of Donald Trump. For many of us, he represents all that we find deplorable. For others, he represents the of power convictions postured in the form of Ego. It came down to two choices, one representing what could be stated as “more of the same,” the other a force-filled symbol of change. We voted for change, but we chose the hard road, as we were not quite ready to embrace the oneness that Bernie Sanders represented.

So, what do we do now? Do we continue upon the divisive road of otherness, or do we band together to find the commonality we all share? It’s not just spiritual jargon to say that we are, in essence, one. It is simply Truth. Whether you believe in creationism, evolutionism, or some other design that got us all here, we all came, at some point, from the same source. We all share the same light and darkness, it’s simply the degree to which we express it that we differ.

When I heard the news this morning, I went through the stages of grief, but very quickly. There was a spark of anger, followed by the shaking of fear. There was a sense of collective mourning, but there was also relief. And peace. Peace is what prevailed. Either way, I knew, we were on a path of change. Electing Hilary would have meant, most likely, a slower path. Donald, on the other hand, will ignite the fire within. It is our choice as to how it burns and spreads.

Inside all of us, there exists the Light from which we arose. We share this. This is what unites us. It is our life force energy, but it is also Love. We are at a time in our collective evolution where we are being called to the frontline, but not to wage another war. Haven’t we all had enough war and strife? This is a cycle we’ve repeated for thousands of years, and it doesn’t work, does it? Someone always loses in war. It divides us. It separates us. No, this is a call to the frontline to hold the Light. To walk with the Light. To be the Light. To spread the Light so that it may ignite the Light in others who chose to harbor fear.

When I let the anger and fear wash through me, I felt the power of this Light. I knew the time had finally come, and it was up to me, and to all who choose to live in the Light to walk strongly with the Light in whatever form we are asked to carry it. This is our time. May we unite in this knowing. May we come together and recognize the Light in ourselves and hold each others’ hands. I see, on the horizon, a beautiful rainbow. Hands raised in the joy of surrendering. When we allow the storm to pass, this is what will come to us. The New Earth is on the horizon, waiting to be birthed. Waiting for us to co-create it. It is our time. It is our calling. We are all One. May we unite in the Light of Love that we all share in our core.

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