The Words We Use


The words we use carry an energetic intent. A vibration that is evoked in the saying or thinking of them. This is why words are so powerful, and are used in magic, but that is not the subject of this blog. As a writer, I think a lot about the words I use and the words I read and hear around me. As an empath, I feel the vibration of these words and the intention of energy evoked with their use.

You can tell when a word speaks of love or fear, even when the two are subverted. For example, I receive a lot of mailings from various groups with noble causes, yet they use words that speak of fear. Words like “fight” and “war.” These words speak of passion, but also of fear. Of anger and frustration. I understand these words, I use them to from time to time, and when I do I question my motive. I look into the manifestation of my own fears that are evoking them.

We can get so caught up in a cause that is premised upon love, that is meant to grow and spread love, but sometimes this passion stems from a fear. A fear of loss. Loss of beauty, loss of resources, loss of life and loss of hope. A loss of connection from Source that is Love. We fear the fear, so to speak, and we forget that beneath and around that fear is always love.

What we feed grows, and when we send out words, when we think and speak them, we grow the energy behind them. I understand fear, but I also know love. We all do. It’s a conscious choice to evoke the one over the other. It can take great strength and trust, or the simple act of surrendering to give away fear and tune into the vibration of love.

Feel the difference. When you speak. When you think. When you send out your words into the Universe to connect with the energy you have evoked.What is your intent? What do you wish to grow? The choice is always yours.




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