Go to Sleep with Love

This morning I listened to a replay of Jo Dunning on Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean. During her hour-long talk, Jo discussed energy work and actions we can take to clear old energies to make way for the higher vibrations that are coming in for us. Specifically the energies of Love, Peace and Harmony. One simple way to do this, she said, is to go to sleep with Love.

Sometimes I write down my dreams, but lately I have not. Most of the dreams I have recalled lately when I wake, have been mirrors of old anxieties playing out in different scenarios, or simply attachments from the previous day. I have gotten used to reading the messages in these dreams and I know what I still need to release. Of course, releasing is another matter.

Whatever needs to come up for us, will come up in our dream-state. When we have unpleasant dreams, we are being asked to look at what is no longer serving us for our highest good and to release it. One way to do aid this process of reprogramming our thoughts into those that vibrate with a higher frequency, is to go to bed with Love. Instead of playing out the scenes that bothered us from the day in our minds, we can consciously focus on something that fills us with Love. It is simple in theory, as Jo pointed out. One might focus on a pet, a lover, a child or a beautiful landscape. I would add, let your senses play with that image that you bring to mind and create it in detail. Linger on it as you fall to sleep and let your soul take care of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Go to Sleep with Love

  1. Funny I’m reading this now. We are sympatico! LOL This morning I woke up (late) jumped to my feet and remembered in my dream I had been repeating the word heal. It was odd but felt okay. I made it to work on time and was barely stressed. “Heal” Hopefully it is not a premonition of what I will need to do, but what I am currently doing and what I have been doing… anyway thought I’d share.


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