Go to Sleep with Love

This morning I listened to a replay of Jo Dunning on Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean. During her hour-long talk, Jo discussed energy work and actions we can take to clear old energies to make way for the higher vibrations that are coming in for us. Specifically the energies of Love, Peace and Harmony. One simple way to do this, she said, is to go to sleep with Love.

Sometimes I write down my dreams, but lately I have not. Most of the dreams I have recalled lately when I wake, have been mirrors of old anxieties playing out in different scenarios, or simply attachments from the previous day. I have gotten used to reading the messages in these dreams and I know what I still need to release. Of course, releasing is another matter.

Whatever needs to come up for us, will come up in our dream-state. When we have unpleasant dreams, we are being asked to look at what is no longer serving us for our highest good and to release it. One way to do aid this process of reprogramming our thoughts into those that vibrate with a higher frequency, is to go to bed with Love. Instead of playing out the scenes that bothered us from the day in our minds, we can consciously focus on something that fills us with Love. It is simple in theory, as Jo pointed out. One might focus on a pet, a lover, a child or a beautiful landscape. I would add, let your senses play with that image that you bring to mind and create it in detail. Linger on it as you fall to sleep and let your soul take care of the rest.

A Reminder to Listen and Love

Today the universe reminded me to heal. To listen and receive the signs it is sending. I spent last week in a heavy fog of judgement, the energy I was raised in. Today, while listening to Rikka Zimmerman, I am reminded that this heavy energy is not mine. That it is within my power to dissipate it for myself, and in the process, there is the hope that I will also dissipate it in others. As a parent I am reminded that to judge your children is to suffocate their individual power and truth. Their divine lights. When I was a child I knew from the time of memory, that I was incarnated in this life to write beauty, to participate in the healing of the earth and humanity and to raise a family structured on love. It’s taken me many years to begin to step into my power. Judgement is a limiting force. When someone judges you, they judge themselves. It’s a ripple effect of destruction.

A way to remove oneself from judgement is to step back and to let go of emotional attachments/reactions to a the scene or situation. To watch it as an unbiased observer and say, “this is as it should be.” It may seem strange and foreign to do this, but if you let yourself it will feel right to you. A big weight lifts. For when we judge we feel heavy, awful.

Two days ago, while my children were in karate class, I was attempting to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Relin, when two well-intended parents saw my copy of the book and proceeded to remark on the unfortunate findings that came out after the book was published. Suddenly the book was tainted for me, until I returned to it later in the solitude of my home. As I opened the book again and read its words, I realized it did not matter to me if the rumors of corruption were true, what mattered was the gift inside the cover. The reminder that within each of us is the capacity for living from the heart in a place of truth and love. That when one does this, the universe opens to all possibilities and miraculous things happen. Living through a place of love, in the heart, transcends fear and ignorance. It shatters terror(ism). This is the gift of the book.

My own book, which is waiting to be received by the world, I know in my heart, is also a gift for our time. A gift of the ability of the body and soul to heal from an environment permeated by fear and judgement. It reminds us that we as humans can transcend past this heavy energy that resides within our cells, carried down from our ancestors and our past lives, and multiplied and reactivated in this life. It is our choice to change this program to one of truth and love.

I acknowledge today that doubt and fear, and specifically that cord of energy that ties me to my childhood family, has held this book back from publication. There is an energy of resistance and fear surrounding the publication of my words that is not mine. I cut the cord. I give it to the universe to dissipate. The world needs my words. There are many, like me, who need to understand that we each have the capacity to heal. The universe, I accept and acknowledge with infinite gratitude, has given me this gift of truth to heal. I accept and acknowledge that it is, and will continue to ripple through our collective beings with the vibration of truth and love.

I extend immense gratitude and love to the Universe and all divine beings, in particular, my higher self, Rikka Zimmerman and Jennifer McLean and the Healing with the Master’s team for reminding me of this reality.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is to see our truths, and through this allow ourselves to be the beings of love we are.