The Wisdom of Trees: A Guided Meditation

This meditation came to me in 2012, but I am updating it and expanding upon it, as it lacked fluidity and needed some expansion.

Find a comfortable place to sit with your bare feet touching the ground (or floor). Point your toes slightly inward so that the key energy points in your feet are connecting to the Earth. If it is more comfortable for you to lie down, that is also fine. It is your intentional connection to the Earth energy that matters most.

Play soft music if you wish and light a candle on a safe surface in front of you, encircling it with symbols that have a meaningful connection to Earth for you, such as animal totem figurines, crystals, stones, leaves, flowers or feathers.

If you choose to, place meditation crystals or stones you feel a connection to at this moment, in your palms. While you meditate you may feel like bringing these crystals together along with your palms, so that one hand loosely cups the top of your other hand, completing a circle of energy.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, pulling the red energy of the Earth up through your body, through the soles of your feet, up through the base of our spine and into all the cells of your body, grounding and connecting you with the sacred energy of Earth. While you are taking these grounding breaths, call in your spirit guides, animal guides, guardian angels, the fairies and other energies of light. Ask them to work with you in your highest good to heal a place of dis-ease in your body, or an emotion you are struggling to release. Or, simply ask for general guidance and healing, and for these sacred energies to help guide you along your life’s path.

Imagine a golden or white translucent cloak of energy surrounding you in protection, knowing that your body is safe while your spirit takes this journey.

You now find yourself in a forest glen surrounded by a small circle of trees. Fairies dance among the delicate star-like flowers at your feet and fly through the green leaves of the trees surrounding you. Your animal and spirit guides have entered the glen with you, along with the angels and beings of light you have called in. You are surrounded and supported by their love. You are completely safe.

As you continue to breathe deeply and evenly, you find your feet becoming like the roots of trees, and you send these roots deep into the Earth, until you reach the crystalline center. You are now powerfully grounded into the Earth, strong and stable. Nothing can topple you. Gaia, the great Earth Mother, is sharing her energy with you, and your hearts beat as one. Allow your body and soul to welcome her healing love, knowing that the energy you share with her is also shared with all living beings on the planet.  Take a moment to offer your love and gratitude to Gaia and all life on this beautiful planet you call home.

Begin now to send this wonderful life force energy up through your body, knowing that as you do, it is filled with the red and green energies of the Earth, which stabilize and heal. Send this energy to all cells within your body, allowing them to fill with vitality and health.

The trunk of your body, your torso, is like the trunk of a tree, stable and strong. Feel the strength of your spinal column aligned in perfect health. Breathe in this knowing.

Now feel the energy expand through your upper torso and into your head. Your arms have become like the branches of a tree, and you may wish to raise them to the sky, or simply imagine that they are connecting you with the Divine life force energy of the Universe. Allow the green leaves of new life to unfurl from your palms, and into all cells of your body, knowing that you are not only healing your physical and emotional body, but actively creating new life, replacing the old, worn patterns, with the light energy of Love that is sent from the Divine Source in the Universe.  Now you are joined with the energy of the Earth and the energy of Source.

Butterflies and birds begin to appear, attracted to the strength and bounty of your energy, which is like the tree. These wonderful beings of Earth and Sky know that you offer your light to share, and they, in exchange, can teach you. These wonderful beings know the secrets of living in joy and harmony, and the butterfly, in particular, understands the power of transformation. Take a moment to watch and listen.

As you unfurl leaves into a canopy, you are experiencing the energy of transformation. Allow this energy to enter your physical body and be absorbed. You may have an emotional release in the form of tears. Do not fight the release, knowing that tears are the body’s way of cleansing trapped emotions.  Follow the healing, transformative energy into the pockets of pain inside your body. Imagine each pocket holds a seed and allow the seed to germinate and blossom as the denser energy is transformed to light.

As you experience the sensation of this energy healing, Eagle appears showing you that once you are grounded and whole, you can also experience the sensation of flight. Allow your spirit to soar with the powerful energy of Eagle in effortless freedom. This is the power of your own light body that you are experiencing, a part of you that is always in existence, connecting you to the Source energy of the Universe.

Spend some time playing and flying with Eagle and other winged beings who are here with you. Then, when you are ready, enter your body and feel the solid connection you have with Earth. Take 3 deep grounding breaths and feel your roots connected firmly to Earth. Slowly move your body, and before you go on with your day thank your animal guides, spirit guides, angels, fairies, Gaia and the Divine for being with you. Ask that their healing energy and love stay with you as you go about your day, gently guiding you along your true path of love and light.


Updated on August 24, 2015

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