Standing on Plastic (1) – EcoBricks and Suburbia

Sun in Gemini

(Above: Standing on a nearly ready EcoBrick)

I’m standing on a plastic bottle, and, for once, I’m not trying to crush it for disposal so that it won’t fill up the bin–or even the recycling box. What I’m doing is testing it for weight-bearing density.

My bottle, which used to contain four pints of milk, is jam-packed with thin pieces of cut-up plastic, such as wrappers, carrier bags, the outer layers of couriered online-order packages… and a thousand other things for which plastic is essential…

But, such plastic in the wrong place is, as we’re all realising, deadly.

Many, larger-scale plastics are recyclable and so can be put into local centres. This milk bottle is, too. But this blog is not about the bottle, it’s about the bottle as container for the compressed contents – three weeks’ worth of non-recyclable plastic wrappings.

Most of our packaging and food wrapping materials…

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The Silent Eye


“The second stone points to Silbury Hill along the line of the midsummer sunrise.”

“Can that be accidental?”

“It seems unlikely.”


… “Would there be a symbolic significance for that?”

“One would expect so.”

“Could we offer an explanation?”

“We would be happy to hazard one.”

“Hazard away…”


If Silbury is a ‘Harvest Hill’ and many people believe it to be just that,

then, like as not, the ‘harvest’ was ‘seeded’ from here.


Avebury, as much as anything else, is a ‘Temple of Agricultural Man’.


Agriculture, like stone, was, and still is, a technology.


The former, holds its salient points in tact,

the latter has lost its to mystery.


Hidden Avebury: Seeking the Unseen

Avebury, Wiltshire

12th – 14th June, 2020

A Living Land Workshop…

Almost everyone knows of Avebury, the great stone circle within which a village was built. A…

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The Slow Roast…

Savvy Raj

The Slow Roast….

need for stringent action!

There is a good amount of data emerging that people are suffering, to various degrees, from living next to cell phone towers and other high-frequency radiation emitting antennas, which emit microwaves around the clock.

According to Professor Franz Adelkofer, a leading scientist in the area of biological effects of EMF fields:

“There is real evidence that hyper frequency electromagnetic fields can have geno-toxic effects. And this damaged DNA is always the cause of cancer.

We’ve found these damaging effects on the genes at levels well below the safety limits. That’s why we think it’s urgent to base our safety limits on the biological effects, not the thermic ones.

They should be based on biology, not on physics.”

There are many mindless advances in technology without ethical considerations, care or concern for human welfare.

It is simple knowledge that with 5G the Roast is…

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Seeking a path

The Silent Eye

Labyrinth, Glastonbury

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of emails from people trying to find their way through the maze of possibilities now available to those seeking their spiritual path. Tap ‘spirituality’ into the search bar of Amazon and you will be faced with around half a million choices. Not so very long ago, you could trawl every bookstore in town.. and most towns had a fair few to choose from… and you would be lucky to find anything more than a bible. Ask for the esoteric section and the assistant would look at you with a blank expression and/or back away from the weirdo before directing you towards the poetry shelves. There were books… but not many, and they were both hard to find and expensive because of their rarity. The best places to look were the scruffy, second-hand and antiquarian bookshops, invariably tucked away…

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Recycling and environmental news 4th Nov 2019…Homemade Advent Calendar

Retired? No one told me!

Once again a very warm welcome to this week’s recycling and environmental news where I post about the good, the bad and the ugly…I would also like to extend my thanks to all of you who support and comment on these posts. I know how passionate many of you are about not only the environment but recycling, our food chain, and manufacture…

circular recycling the world and a green leaf

I try to keep these posts as upbeat as I can as no one wants to read doom and gloom all the time, HOWEVER…I do think we all need to be aware of what goes on around us we cannot continue to bury our heads and live in our own little bubbles while child labour deforestation, climate change, chemicals in our food chain, animal testing, fracking, starvation, food waste etc etc merrily goes on…

I highlighted last week how the chocolate industry despite good intentions are fighting an…

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Written in stone

The Silent Eye

Nine Stones CloseNine Stones Close

There has been a bit of a preoccupation around here lately with stone. Between the recent and forthcoming workshops we will have visited a fair number of stone circles, standing stones and burial chambers and it might be tempting to think we are simply indulging our curiosity or even wafting around the stones of the past, in denial of the fact that evolution has taken humanity thousands of years away from the time and spiritual climate in which these stones were erected.

There is a temptation also to look at these stones and call them primitive constructions, or crude symbols, yet the planetary and seasonal alignments present at many of these sites, let alone the scale and sheer number of them across the landscape, suggests we need to reassess that misconception. While arguments smoulder about their purpose and significance, their beauty, mystery and the power of standing…

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Pieces of Nietzsche by Stuart France

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Reblogged from France and Vincent:

centaur f 2



The desire for Truth.

That ‘temptress to risk’.

The veracity which all ‘lovers of wisdom’ revere.


What questions this desire calls forth!

What weird and wicked queries!


Such an enterprise already has history

but feels like it began yesterday.


Before we lost patience

and turned our back to the Chimera of Enquiry

we stumbled upon an ‘angle’…


Who really stands before us and asks?

Who wants to know?


Over this hurdle we toiled, to climb,

and at its summit we saw before us yet another more basic obstacle…


What value has such desire?

Would not a lie suffice just as well?


We held up a mirror to the face of our Chimera

and suddenly we knew neither querent nor savant.


It is this stand-offish Truth,

which plays, now, like a frown,

over the…

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