Orphans in Zimbabwe

Colleen Briggs Art & Writing

Photo: kids in Zimbabwe along for the ride to fill water containers

I’m currently en route from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to Colorado, wrestling with the joys and tragedies I witnessed of a courageous people under the siege of a bankrupt economy.
Why are kids orphaned in Zimbabwe? What are their lives like?
Travel along vicariously with me. Consider the stories of these families I met this week through the organization I work with, Hope’s Promise (adoption and orphan care) of Colorado. (Note: To protect the kids’ privacy, I’ve changed all their names.)

John and Eli

John used to be the boy who never smiled. At age three, his parents died. His maternal granddad took him in; until grandpa, too, died. John’s maternal grandma (“Gogo”) then claimed the boy. They developed a close relationship, but Gogo ekes out subsistence as a squatter on farmland owned by a church. As Zimbabwe’s economy spiraled…

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Introducing The Vedic Astrology Cards!

New cards from Julianne Victoria

Through the Peacock's Eyes

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 5.24.24 AMIntroducing The Vedic Astrology Cards, two sister decks: The Vedic Astrology Oracle and The Vedic Astrology Study Deck. Both decks are based upon Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha, and the cards include the Planets, the Zodiac Signs, the Houses, and the Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions. The Study Deck has 61 cards, and the Vedic Astrology Oracle has 64 cards. The Little White Book that comes with both decks includes suggestions for use, study, and spreads.

The Vedic Astrology Study Deck is designed to be used with my book, Shedding Light on Jyotisha,Vedic Astrology for Beginners, 2nd Expanded Edition for learning and studying Vedic Astrology, but the cards can also be used as an oracle.

The three extra cards in The Vedic Astrology Oracle represent the energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, who are not traditionally a part of Vedic Astrology, and so are not in the Study Deck. Here is…

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Silence ~ Life Lines

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


In a silence broken only by breath

Words lose their sound;

Spill their essence on the pristine page

Or curl in tendrils through a mind undone,

Fleeing logic on wings of fantasy.

Fabled spectres rear their heads,

Horned dilemmas bow before a ghost

Of newborn Understanding,

Mewling helpless in a night

Of infant shadows.

The dreamer dreams the song,

Seeking music in a voice,

A poem in the starlit dark

To break the silence

And give birth to sound.

Muted whispers kiss the soul

That stays to listen in the darkness

Reaching for the Word it almost hears

Until it knows the only sound

Is life’s first breath

Sighing in the silence.

There are joys for which we cannot find expression, moments that have a depth of emotion that can only be shared in images. It is here that poetry comes into its own, for the pictures we paint…

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The Silent Eye


…It was, after all, rather disconcerting to be thus accosted by a total stranger…


“Does this count?” he demanded, ferociously,

and pushed an admittedly intriguing photograph across the bar at us.

“Does that count as what?”


“One of them ‘Black’ places”

“Well, it might do, what is it?”


“It’s one of them there mounds.”

“Is it really, it looks just like a pyramid of light?”


“That’s why I was thinking it might count.”

“Strictly speaking, in order ‘to count’ it would have to be called

‘Black-something’ or ‘Something-black’. Does it have a name?”


“Oh aye, it’s got a name alright.”

“And that name is?”

“Silbury Hill!”


And at that, the Red-Lion, or so it seemed to us,

burst into a collective paroxysm of laughter…


Hidden Avebury: Seeking the Unseen

Avebury, Wiltshire

12th – 14th June, 2020


A Living Land…

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#Daybreak #writephoto

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Peace arrives upon the horizon of stillness

and the slow letting go fades into the night

We are creatures of the moon and the sun

howling through the winds and the rain

lashing at fears often unfound

we seek the light as though it were

illusive. Stretching our filaments in surrender

the body breaks open to become the sky

The mind, woven in wonder gives way

to the passage. And the voice, that howling

gnashing voice screeching to be heard

becomes the wind. And you

and I, we become the one

crimson wrapping gold

and everything in between

our ocean of light softly surging

and collapsing into the fold

we rock to the music of stars

and find that we were never



For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt #Daybreak

How to Prepare for a Past Life Regression Session

From past life regression expert, Karen Kubicko:

Karen Kubicko

I have been asked this question a few times… How do you prepare for a past life regression?

Well, you really don’t have to do anything, but relax.
For preparation, just come as you are.
I would recommend eating a normal meal first. You don’t want to worry about your stomach growling lol.
I guide you through a relaxing meditation, so if you have done meditation or relaxation exercises of any kind, that will be very helpful to you.
Yes, it is important to have a goal in mind… your intent for the session … for what you would like to remember, whether it is to explain a relationship, a habit, a fear, etc. You can set your intent to simply remember a fun lifetime, just to try it out!

You could remember a painted mountain in a past life. You could remember a painted mountain in a past life.

Once I (or whomever) guide you into the place for…

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Celebrate #Maine2020 through Poetry

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Happy Birthday Maine!

Did you know?

Maine (nicknamed The Pine Tree State) was initially a province of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In fact, it was decades after the American Revolution before Maine gained official statehood. The Eastern white pine tree helped fuel the region’s economy in an era when shipbuilding and lumbering reigned supreme. The value of those pines actually provided a spark for the American Revolution. Massachusetts didn’t want to lose any of those pine profits it gained after the war, while Mainers struggled for political and economic independence. Maine officially celebrates its Bicentennial on March 15, 2020.

“A nature-filled land that enlivens the senses and soothes the soul—to me, Maine is poetry.”
–Bette A. Stevens

The Power of Poetry

How Readers & Writers of All Ages Benefit from Poetry

  • Improves Verbal Skills & Memory
  • Enhances Cognitive Function
  • Develops Empathy & Insight
  • Encourages Creativity

Why Haiku…

Inspired by…

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