The Return #return #writephoto #SueVincent

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

The last star reader was called down from the hills to prophecy the outcome of the divide. He stood on the cusp of the morning, more sure of where he was going than all who stood below. To understand the language of the stars was a gift seeded into the womb and those who received it could not pass it along. Only their words carried forth the song of the light. A light to which he longed to return.

Yet it was his duty to translate when beckoned. How weary he was of trying to reduce the vast into the limited. Minds trapped inside longing were not easily opened, and for the star reader this was another futile effort.

“I see it!” hollered a tiny voice. “I see the dragon!”

“What is she talking about?”

“Shush the child.”

“What insolence. Put her back to bed!”

The crowd below grew angry together, feeding upon the rise of their wrath bestowed upon a wee child who spoke only the truth. The last star reader watched and waited. He listened to the rise and fall of dissonance and sighed.

“See what I mean?” he muttered up to the sky.

“What are you waiting for?” the sky replied.

“It will not work. It never does.”

“Speak to the girl then.”

“Come here,” he beckoned in the softest of whispers, yet she heard him.

Softly she crawled the tangled roots, grabbling hold of the grasses for support until she reach the last star reader. He said nothing, just nudged the staff towards her waiting hand. One finger and then another curled the weathered wood.

No one knew she was missing. No one knew she had left their masses. Filled with their wrath, they had forgotten all meaning.

“Why don’t they see it?” she asked the reader as she peered at the angry mob below.

“Because their eyes have turned blind.”

“But it’s so beautiful.”

“Those who cannot see truth cannot see beauty.”

So the wee child turned her head back to the sky and the dragon, every-so-gently, swooped down to receive her.

For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge #return.

23 thoughts on “The Return #return #writephoto #SueVincent

      1. Well according to the mysterious giver of the dream, it’s “the next book” I’m supposed to write. Personally I would have preferred a little more content than a title. 🀣


      2. I figure I’ll let it sit out there and see what happens πŸ™‚ I have been meaning to ask you if you have read Shamanism and the Mystery Lines by Paul Devereux. I recently finished it and although I don’t agree entirely with his theory about ley lines, it did add some insights. Would be curious to know your thoughts if you’ve read it.


      3. I am familiar with some of his work and don’t always agree. He did come up with a rather splendiferous demonstration of how the carvings echoed waveforms though, Somewhere there is a video I would love to see again on that.

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      4. Interesting. I may have to search around on YouTube and see what comes up. His basic conclusion in the book is that ley lines are Shamanic sight lines/ trackways but are not attributable to energy veins in Earth. It did make me think of the chalk figures and other constructs intended to be viewed from above differently, though. Yet he doesn’t seem wholly convinced by the ability to astral travel. Anyway, he does cite some interesting indigenous lore. He showed a photo of the “Map Stone” from the Lost City of Taironas that is apparently carved with a map of astral trackways. It looks remarkably like the “eye” I was led to on my trip to the “serpent” mountain I took in the fall with Deb and Sophia.


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