Meet Meryk: An 11-year-old Videographer & Producer of The Labyrinth Book Trailer

I asked Meryk, the talented young boy, who put together The Labyrinth book trailer for me if he would be willing to be interviewed on my blog. I’m delighted to share with you our Q & A:

How old are you, how long have you been creating videos, and how did you get started with it?

I am 11-years-old and have been creating videos for about two-and-a-half years.  I’ve always watched YouTube videos and thought it would be easy to make my own and get thousands of views right away.  I believed that when I started YouTube, I would get so popular and famous, but it turns out it’s takin’ some time.  I began watching videos to learn how to grow my channel and I found that you can’t be popular on YouTube without editing.  The editing makes it more entertaining. So I started watching videos on how to edit and downloaded a ton of apps until I’d find one that I liked.  Then I began editing all of my own videos.  Sometimes my mom would tell me while watching one of my soccer games that many of my friends’ parents would tell her how their child watches all of my videos.

Have you thought about developing your talents into a career someday?

Yeah, becoming a famous YouTuber is one of the careers I’ve been considering.  I would do editing for other people to make money, but it’s not my passion. I feel most excited about the idea of making funny and creative videos with my friends and getting paid for it!  Last year I was so lucky while vacationing in Myrtle Beach.  I was in the pool and looked across and noticed some people walking by, who looked like YouTubers I used to watch.  I ran up to them before they left the pool area and discovered it was who I thought, and they had 2.8 million subscribers!  I introduced myself and they talked to me for a while.  They even gave me a “shout-out” on their channel and we spent a lot of time together throughout the week.

What is your favorite thing to do aside from creating videos?

I love football, soccer, and basketball and I like to make “beats”, using GarageBand.  I also like to play drums and jump on the trampoline.

What is your least favorite thing to do?

My least favorite thing to do is school, but I do like playing football during recess at school.

If you could choose your power/totem animal what would it be?

would choose a tiger because they’re big and powerful.

If you could choose a super-power what would it be?

My superpower would be to fly because I love being airborne and hope to go skydiving and cliff jumping some day.  I’ll make sure to make a video about it.


Thank you to Meryk for participating in the blog interview. Please support Meryk by visiting his YouTube channel.  If you know a young Warrior of Light who you think should be interviewed on this blog, please let me know! I’m starting a new section dedicated for this purpose to inspire children of all ages to follow their “Light.” 

Meryk engaged in another passion of his: soccer.

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