Finding the Light inside the horrific #australianwildfires

Australia. Photo Credit: Pixabay

It hurts my heart to look at the photos and I know millions are crying with me. There is no grasping for logic inside this incomprehensible tragedy, as there is none. We can blame ourselves, and perhaps we should. Ignorance turning a blind eye for too long. Greed over-riding altruism. But, when it comes down to it, most would not have wanted what we are facing right now: an Earth, our home, filled with incredible and horrific suffering. I am thinking right now of the wildfires raging through Australia, as they have raged through California, Alaska, and so many other places across the globe in recent time. So many lives lost, millions of animals and plants gone. The innocent, suffering the worst.

We can blame ourselves, and perhaps we should. But, little good comes from looking backwards unless we are willing to change the patterns of our ways. In the midst of this horrific tragedy, I see the enduring light of hope. Eyes being opened, where they have been shut. Hearts joining in their collective sorrow seeded from love. That light that unites us all, igniting to extinguish the murderous blaze.

It was the late Fred Rogers who urged us to “look for the helpers (heroes)” when the unspeakable occurs. Right now, at this moment, the world is filled with them. Locals opening their doors to homeless wildlife in need of shelter. The wealthy and not so wealthy sending funds towards the efforts to abate the flames. Countless hearts joined in prayer and song calling for rain. And, all those firefighters risking their own lives to save another. This is love.

And, in some incomprehensible way, perhaps it is needed. A friend on social media made the observation yesterday that when a photo of Australia had appeared on her screen upside down, she thought it looked like a heart. It does, in a way. A misshapen heart breaking open. It also looks like a woman’s pelvis, expanding to birth. There are legends about Australia and the sacred lands in and around Uluru. Some consider these ancient lands to be the womb of Earth, and I find myself wondering if this incredibly painful rebirth we are experiencing is part of an awakening. Or, at least a call to an awakening. The future is shaped by our hands, just as the past was. How much more can the heart endure before it breaks open into love? Not just for the self, but for the other, in whatever form that other takes.

I have hope for better days to come. Australia is opening another doorway for us, just as all past tragedies have. We can enter it holding hands, find the scattered pieces of life inside, and do what we can to make our world whole again. We can, because we must. There is no longer a choice. Another doorway for us. There is only one. In essence, there has only, ever, been one. The one through the heart. Let us step through it together. Let us change our broken ways and mend this broken womb so that we can find a rebirth of what unites us all.

22 thoughts on “Finding the Light inside the horrific #australianwildfires

      1. I believe many hearts have been opened to the suffering. There are photos all over social media. And, I have found some ardent Trump supporters have even been affected. Whether they are able to see the bigger picture, I’m not so sure, but there’s hope…xo

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      2. Suzanne

        Yes, we can onky hope so. Thanks for letting me know all that. It feels that way here too. People are really questioning the right wing clImate change denial but, unfortunateky, many are buying into the smear campaign that the fires are the fault of conservationists because they wouldn’t allow burn offs in the cooler months. The truth is the drought has meant it’s been too dry to burn off undergrowth this year.

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  1. Suzanne

    Thank you for writing that Alethea. It’s good to know people across the world have some understanding of what’s happening down here in Australia.
    It’s interesting that you mention Uluru. I have been thinking about Uluru a lot today too. Many regard it as the Solar Plexus chakra of the Earth. It is said to be the place where the Rainbow Serpent Energy Line flows out across the world connecting the Earth Chakra points. –

    The closing of Uluru to climbers in October 2019 was a very sacred time. The traditional aboriginal owners of the land there held a ceremony that released energy into the Rainbow Serpent line. It is said there will be a further ceremony on January 12, 2020 at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It is about the birthing of the new.

    This is a good time to clear negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back so that we can step fully into the new.

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    1. I heard about the ceremony, and also that there was an incredible storm there recently with lightning recently – is that true? It does feel like it’s important in this current shifting. More so, in some ways, than other sacred sites.


      1. Suzanne

        I read about the storm too. It’s a very long way from here so I have no idea if it happened or not. It sounds true. The weather out there now is very hot and it’s the build up to the wet season so I guess lightning storms happen sometimes.

        I still have that feeling that something really big is going to happen. It feels Earth based rather than political. Maybe it’s the fires. Maybe it’s something else – California? Surely not.

        Trump’s actions are stirring up a storm too.

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      2. I share your feels about something to come. My dreams certainly hint at that too…there’s a bit of unease to the not knowing how it all will play out. Trump is a lunatic. I’m not sure how else to describe him. It’s a crazy state of affairs.


      3. Suzanne

        Yes, he is a lunatic, I agree. Peace meditations occupy a lot of my time along with rain meditations. The next couple of weeks look extremely unstable on many levels.

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