Strength of the Grounding : Rootedness

Savvy Raj

A tree is a fine example of rootedness, let us explore what is this rootedness all about…

To root is a sense of steadiness than belonging
To value the depth of where you came from
Than to cling to your past in desperation and fear of exploration.

The very word rootedness is about groundedness.

A bonding without feeling bound!

Rootedness is the integrity of spirit in recognition of the soul.

Rootedness brings up lessons in humility, tolerance and most of all acceptance.

Rootedness is not about the pride of being, position, prestige or past achievements and privileges.

Being rooted is a knowing of support in the grounding.

Being rooted is an acknowledgement of the past in awareness of things as they were without allowing it to cloud the now .

Being rooted is a conectedness in equanimity and a learning to evolve along the journey of life in balance.


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