Salt Laden Path

And she says she’s not a poet…

Strange Goings On In The Shed

PicsArt_05-20-06.48.02.jpg Coastal path, Moelfre, Anglesey, Jan Malique

I’m inclined to call myself a non-poet, it’s an art difficult to master in my mind. Yet, there are times when the spirit of a place touches a part of me hidden within the soul. Being near the sea seems to trigger such deep seated emotions, maybe because I love it so much. Panoramic skies and endless horizons combine to thrill the adventurer in me. Sky, Sea and Earth meld together to weave melancholic and hypnotic songs; which are picked up by those with the ears to hear them. This may be an idealised vision of a place that can be dangerous and fearful in its elemental power, but can you not feel its pull?

PicsArt_05-20-06.57.36 Coastal path, Moelfre, Anglesey, Jan Malique

We walked these salt laden paths,

Eyes on the horizon and hunger in our souls.


Hardened fisher folk and sailors with tales…

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