Haven #writephoto #SueVincent

Here is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #writephoto prompt:

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


She couldn’t take her eyes off the light. How it bent to the west, as though in wait. The land of dreams poured a backdrop of violet over gold beckoning the flame covered in glass. Too soon it would be cloaked in darkness, and she would lie in bed and await the demons. They always came in search of the light within. Dressed in red or black, they hovered in wait over her body as it drifted toward sleep.

 When you close your eyes, you can see.

Always she resisted the urge to open. It didn’t matter why she had been chosen. What mattered was that she didn’t fall asleep. Like the false light outside, she knew she must contain the light within. And so each night, before she found rest, she became the sun. The demons who came seeking her fire discovered the power of light. Driven by a desire to take, they lost everything before they became one.


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