The Eagle’s Return


The eagle has returned, although I imagine it has never left. Once again it makes its presence known at a time when I feel the calling to find the power within. An ambiguous unease has been setting in, and there is no clearly definable reason why. I have come to accept this feeling as the soul preparing me to shift into the unknown. This takes courage and surrendering, and more than an ounce of trust. It takes a complete giving  into the unraveling and the revealing of what is waiting to emerge behind the familiar. The unknowing is what unsettles. The mind likes to prepare and to plan. It likes to play the part of control, but the heart is telling me to let go.


So eagle has appeared again. I see its white head with golden eyes penetrating the walls of reluctance. There is no yielding to its stare. It is stern, yet it is not unkind. I feel love and strength in its presence; an unwavering devotion to its cause, which is to guide the unfolding.

It is a silent and still witness. The language of the soul reads no words. The test is in the knowing, the feeling, and the ultimate translation by a mind that becomes the willing servant to the soul’s awakening.

3 thoughts on “The Eagle’s Return

  1. forestshaman

    Such a majestic animal. I have been reading this post about animals and really enjoying them. Just the other day I bought my first animal oracle cards an loving learning an connecting with them.
    Although they don’t have the stoat of which I have a magical encounter with the other day, it was running down the road kept turning as though it was trying to talk to me. We had a moment just looking at each other and I told it to go to safety as the road not and it was beginning to rain. I;m sure it smiled and darted into the hedge row. Have you done a post on the stoat? Do you know about its meaning? Great blog 🙂


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