Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones

Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

In a land before time

we remembered the curve of the Earth

and how it mirrored the heavens

Stars gazed past sight to the place of no mind

thoughts were eclipsed by the moon and the rocks reflected light

You walk to remember

to bring back hope and also sorrow

which must rise through the bracken to be freed

Long buried in forgetting

the hold of fear was strong

it held fast the magic of the land

that longs to breathe love

Beneath the hills, the bear sleeps to awaken the raven

a reunion of Earth and sky

while the river carries hope

in its struggle to move past time

Breathe with me

the fey wait at the edge of the circle

their white bodies move with the grass

Join your hands with theirs, again

and open the womb to life

The rainbow crystal is but a seed…

To read more about the story behind this poem, please visit: Keeping a Promise by Sue Vincent  and The Raven Crystal , an earlier post of mine written after a visit to Hordron in the Peak District of England. 

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