Drawing the Enneagram #esotericpoetry #enneagram #spiritualpoetry

I wrote this poem rather quickly, in one sitting, letting the words flow through onto the screen as I typed. I have been in a bit of a writer’s rut these days, and I thank Sue Vincent  for nominating me for a daily poetry writing challenge on Facebook. This has stirred the latent creativity back to life, somewhat, and I am grateful for that.  I’m sharing this one, today’s, because it is metaphysically inspired.

Drawing the Enneagram

After I finish my third

I want to add colors to the distorted

shapes I’ve created, thinking about fear

She told me it shatters the spectrum

of the body, lodges

light behind shadows

to find a home inside darkness

I have found splinters

in unexpected places

The child who slipped

into the pool of joy

for a moment and forgot

about the well in the forest

is living in my lower breast

below the plate of armor

in a sliver of blue truth

Shall I place her in the middle

and spread the rainbow

around her? He never built her

the swing-set, it still festers

in the gray matter of my mind

with conditional love

 4 cuts a path to 1, bisecting 9

and 8 to get to 7. My eye lingers

in the space between 5 and 6

even though I wore the number

13 last night in my dreams

on a magenta shirt. My other father

wanted me to change its design

but didn’t want to pay the cost it would take


So I refused, and the shark

in the water became a hippo

leading me to land, where I ran

until I looked back and laughed

myself awake

My Enneagram
My Enneagram with a Sliver of Blue

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