Bodies of Light

While I was searching Alex Gray’s website for an image of the light body, this quote appeared on the page:

“You can never be lost. When have you ever been apart from me? You can never depart and never return. For we are continuous, indistinguishable.”

Sometimes we get what we are looking for in another form. These words perfectly describe the image I was searching for.

It is so easy to separate ourselves inside the space of the body where the ego likes to hold reign. This is how we have learned to live our recent history. Yet, if we stretch our minds back to early “history,” to the place of pre-history in particular, we find union. There is no other, there is only one.

It is easy to go back. It is easy to return to that space of infinite harmony. It is the space where our light-bodies are allowed to mingle with the divine. We can find this light in that quiet space of self when we open to the energy around us, but perhaps more profoundly, we can find it when we merge our light bodies with other beings.

During a shamanic workshop this past weekend, I experienced the space of infinite oneness with another human being. Together, as we wrapped our light bodies around each other, and stepped into the space in-between two selves, we became for a few sacred moments the space of light. The place beyond words.

It is a feeling I can best describe as the coming home of the soul. To know that we can enter this space at anytime, without shedding our physical bodies through the act of death, is a knowledge, or remembering I wish for all beings to return to. For when we truly experience that union, that eternal oneness, we come to accept that there is no lasting “other.”




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