The Hawk

Naturally I had to return to this post, which I had started to write back in May when the kids were still in school. The hawk paid another visit to our home today, moments before my daughter boarded the bus for her fist day of middle school. My daughter was facing me, chatting about the day ahead, and didn’t see the bird as it swooped low, nearly brushing her perfectly arranged pony tail, as it flew into a hidden place amid our trees.

Guardian of Truth

I saw the hawk though, and gave silent thanks for its visit.  The hawk is symbol of the power and strength. It hold reign over the element of air, knowing when to be silent and when to speak. The hawk knows that both silence and voice hold great power, and there is a time for both. Its call, when released, pierces the air with a frequency that stills the life around it. When the hawk calls out, the forest falls silent and listens.

The hawk I saw this morning, was using stealth and camouflage, a master of both devices. Even though it flew within reach of my daughter, she had not been aware of its presence. The hawk reminds us to be present. It teaches us to use sensory perception to our fullest potential, showing us that when we live in The Now, we live and perceive life to the fullest.

Master of the Elements
Master of the Elements

When a hawk enters our visible our auditory space, we take note. We stop and listen to its hunting call. We marvel at the grace of its silent flight. We pay attention.

When you are blessed with the visit of a hawk, pull yourself back into the present. Listen to your messenger, even if it’s silent and can only be heard inside the depths of your cells. Don’t worry, your cells will awaken and remember. The hawk reminds us of the power we hold within. It reminds us of our soul’s purpose and our sacred truths; that we are all creative beings ready to be birthed into the full light of our spirits.

Find your Power

8 thoughts on “The Hawk

  1. most beautiful. Always appreciating the birds around. They just amaze me sometimes with as you say, their grace and silent flight. a great post today and will remember to look inward as I look outward at their antics, power and ease. thanks again.


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