If you eat one meal a week, your body will not be nourished. The same concept applies to our souls. We are each here to fulfill the journey we set out to follow when we decided to incarnate in this life. Yet, we often forget to nourish ourselves.

I have been inconsistent in feeding my soul this summer. With my children home, I have chosen not to focus on my own needs. Meditation has been sporadic, at best. On my children’s last day of school I got certified for Shamballa energy healing, levels 1 and 2. Ideally I would be practicing energy healing on myself every day, but that too has been sporadic. Then there is writing. Something I know I need to do everyday. A psychic once suggested that I at least try to journal everyday. Journaling has never been something I am happy doing, but she had a good point. My soul needs me to write everyday. I’m not doing that this summer.

So, I shouldn’t have been surprise last week (and I wasn’t, I knew the results before they came) when I had my TSH levels checked and found out they were rising instead of dropping. If we don’t heal and nurture our souls, our bodies won’t heal. They are our barometers for our spiritual health. When we experience dis-ease in the physical, our souls are crying out for nourishment.

The confirmation that my throat chakra was not spinning in a glorious blue wheel of truth was not a surprise, but it was a good wake up call. Sometimes we need to let things go and make way for our needs. Let the laundry sit another day. Let the kids watch another half hour of TV. Let the grass grow another day. Sit and listen to your soul and find our what it wants. Do it everyday and you will thrive.


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