A Fragrant Life #writephoto #liveinjoy #poetry #yogapoetry


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

To think life is a garden to feast upon

is a fallacy of the human mind

We are birthed opening our eyes to wonder

but too often this wonder turns to greed

The want for more pleasure feeds the hungry mind

which triggers the body into belief that it too is ravenous

for more

Dissatisfaction is the inevitable result

as the body and mind encode the belief that more

is never enough. And so we feast

until there is no more to feast upon. Too late

we realize we have stripped bare the beauty

before us. The shadow of misery

dims the light and life withers

for lack of love. A self-inflicted prophecy

of despair. They say misery loves company

but that is not true. Misery does not love

And so we must discover Truth

turning the key inward to Joy

that every-present light within

We must breathe it back to Life

as we discover the self

inside the shadow

is the one true garden

waiting to bloom

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The Current of Life #poetry #yogapoems

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Life continually humbles

Throwing me backward into the current

To tumble among rocks

Where am reminded that I am a collection

Of molecules adhered into a body

To experience unity, even though

The mind reaches for division

Parting the elements with thoughts

Breaking cohesion with beliefs of otherness

But when I am swept backward

Back into the current that is life

I am reminded of Truth

The essence of things broken down

Into origins. That I am a body flowing

With molecules holding hydrogen to oxygen

Bound to carbon stolen from a life before me

Realizing, I have borrowed this collected body

So that I might experience life gathered together

Before its bonds are broken, then gathered, once again

Into the ever-flowing current