Magic #Writephoto #SueVincent


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

The white fairy waited for the travelers to pass before she stepped out of the hillside. They were so focused on the cold, she wasn’t sure they would notice her, but if they did, they would not have been ready. Her job was to catch the ones who were ready. Those who ventured into the forest not to get through it, but to become it. These travelers were easy enough to spot. She called them the dreamers. She could see the glow of their green hearts as they gazed in wonder at a landscape that looked lifeless to most.

Of course, they often spotted her with ease, even when she sometimes tried to test them with her stillness. Eyes that could see were never fooled by attempts at camouflage. Today, though, she was waiting for the one who didn’t yet know the world he thought was real was really a facade. These were her favorite humans. She loved to catch the veil as it lifted from the inner eye. The moment of surprised delight that followed made the wait well worth it.  Magic, these travelers were about to discover, was not a just the stuff of fairy tales.


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