#Carved #Writephoto


Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

She said, “Show me your soul, and I will take you inward.”

I looked across the vast landscape that surrounded me and back to the well. The ground felt firm beneath my feet, and I could feel the warmth of the setting sun strong against my back. The infinite sky above offered a dreamscape evoking heaven as we like to think of it. Yet, my eyes were drawn to her offer.

I peered over the edge of her basin. “You will not see the bottom, for there is no end.”

Fear rippled my heart. “That is good,” she told me. “Allow yourself to feel before you let go.”

My hands, gripping her rock shook with tremors of emotion. My eyes added salted water to the pool below.

“All life begins in darkness,” the voice urged me closer to the center. “But the soul resides in the Light.”


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