Blessing the Elements

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It is raining again here in New Hampshire, bathing the earth in the element of water, and cleansing old, tired energies. I have come to love the rain and the energies working to lift the density trapped in and around the Earth. Today I stepped out to look for faeries and to offer them fresh melon in gratitude for the work they are doing in my yard. Here they are partaking of my offerings.

Spirit Song

Channeled Spirit Song
In the sea of shadows, find the oar, find the oar
In the dark of night, find your flame, find your flame
In the tumble of thought, find your truth, find your truth
In the beam of hate, find love, find love
In the fear of tomorrow, find today, find today
In the shame of yesterday, find peace, find peace
In the light of morning find your joy, find your joy
In every moment find your gift, find your gift