Breaking free density: I dream of flying my dogs over an ancient landscape

It was a strange series of dreams, on the surface, but then again dreams are often strange…on the surface. I was in school, a large brick building that seemed nearly endless. My classroom on the upper floor and down labyrinthian corridors filled with turns and shadows. One could easily get lost there.

A labyrinth broken by darkness
The labyrinthian school in my dream reminded me of this labyrinth from my new book.

I was studying art. The assignment I was given was to fashion a multilayered piece that appeared one-dimensional until you turned it, allowing the light to reveal the inner layers that appear shadowed by the surface. The finished piece had been created, somehow, by my hands, hands that I did not believe could create a painting, much less a rather magical one that. A painting that when turned to the light at just the right angle revealed beautiful, hidden layers beneath. Like a hologram, but there were so many layers to this painting I had somehow created, I could not count.

We were to take our paintings outside, to catch the sunlight so that their depths could be revealed. That is when I started to fly, with my two dogs. Normally, in my dreams, I fly alone…

Dogs walking
The two dogs in my dream, pictured here on one of our walks together.

During the day, I had been thinking about density. How we create our own density in our bodies and in our physical environment. We fashion energy into dense forms, like the car I was riding in while I was thinking these thoughts. Cars to drive in, homes to house our bodies, furniture to rest upon, toys to play with…the list is endless. I had also been thinking about how the density inside of me lifts when I visit ancient landscapes where my inner child burst forth into a state of pure joy and sometimes it is as though my feet are so light they hover above the ground…

The processional avenues of Merrivale in Dartmoor
My feet “hover” above the rocks at Merrivale in Dartmoor as I walk in the pure joy of being. Photo Credit: Lara Wilson

I had also been thinking about rocks, nature’s way of creating density to store the memories of Time. These rocks that draw people like me to listen to their stories, and have the ability to somehow make us feel less dense and confined to the worlds we create.

Shapes in stone
This bird drew my eye to the heart in stone on top of a New Hampshire mountain years ago.

The day had not been particularly “light.” I had allowed myself to be bothered by others behavior and the nuances of life we can attach so much importance to but are in reality merely passing moments that we can either grasp or let go of. I was, you could say, feeling weighed down by the time I laid my head upon my pillow to go to sleep.

The mysterious realm of dreams
This image popped up on my screen this morning when I opened my computer. Sometimes there are no accidents in life.

I am not, therefore, surprised my dreams brought me into a school, where I was given the opportunity to learn and grow. It was a gift. An opportunity and I had a choice to hold onto the density within me or to examine the art of my creation and allow the layers of light to reveal themselves.

In The Labyrinththe character Sula, and her five fellow teen protagonists must face their trapped fears and release their density in order to open the gifts of their light bodies. It is essential not only to their individual journeys but also to their collective, as they realize they are each a strand of light in the network of light that connects all life. As warriors of this light, they come to understand they must embrace their true selves and learn to fly above their fears to carry out their mission of repairing the broken lines of light within Earth.

And they are not alone…None of us are. Sometimes we forget we are all connected. That the same fears and light reside within all of us, and we can either create more density together or reveal the light of our creation.

When I left the confines of the brick school building and walked out into the classroom of Nature in my dream, I found myself walking with my two dogs. As my feet lifted off the ground, so did theirs. I lifted first, but they followed my lead. Their leashes weightless ribbons joining us together in a trinity as though we were one-self. I felt rather felt like Santa Claus (yes, I actually had this thought while I was flying with the dogs in my dream), with my companions Rosy and Zelda flying ahead of me over the landscape below. A landscape filled not with mortored walls, but with the classrooms of the ancients. It was glorious to be flying over these places that draw my soul, and allowing myself to notice, but not stop and linger, where I felt the density of fear. I was there to discover and learn. I will remember this, I told myself, so that I can share it with others.

When I woke, I felt much lighter than I did the day before. That is the gift of these sorts of “dreams.”

Beware the “Spiritual” Cult Syndrome #cults #spirituality #thelabyrinth

We’ve all heard about the dangers of gangs and cults, but it is alarming how prevalent and insidious the cult-like syndrome is. I’m writing this post because I have fallen prey to it one too many times and I know so many others who have as well, many of whom are completely unaware that they are willing victims of this dangerous power-play.

My latest episode involved joining a group of “spiritual” practitioners and healers several months ago. A group that was not a cooperative, but an oligarchy. Mind you, there were red flags from the start (one that I could not ignore was the tagline of being “highly enlightened,” which goes against the heart and feeds only the ego. I do not personally believe myself to be “highly enlightened,” rather I learn in every moment) but I chose to ignore them because of my ego, as well as my idealistic heart. Despite all that I disagreed with, I really and truly wanted to help others, especially children and teens and thought I had found a venue to do so.

As I became enmeshed in this group, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the imbalance of energy that it was creating. Not only was it creating a financial drain (in the requirement of a membership fee that provided no return in the form of clients), it created an overarching energetic imbalance. Although I didn’t want to admit it until it became glaringly obvious, I realized the system I had bought into was more about feeding the ego than the soul. No one wants to believe that about a “spiritual” cult group. Yet it happens all too often.

Many of us have heard stories in the news over the years about dangerous cult-like groups and the horrors of what happens to their members. There are numerous cults who claim religious devotional ideals but corrupt the minds and bodies of their members due to the abusive nature of the ego. I was an unwilling victim of the Hare Krishna cult when I was two-years-old and the story is told in my memoir, A Girl Named Truth

I was also the more willing victim of my family (cult), which is also told in my memoir. A strong statement, perhaps, but when we look closer at how our family units influence and shape us, we often find cult-like parallels and behaviors. Often, as children, we are completely unaware that there is a gross imbalance of power, and sometimes dangerous abuse occurring, because we so very much want to be loved and accepted. This desire can continue into our adult years, even when we should know better because there is a part of us that believes we need to continue to prove our worth.

Whenever there is an imbalance of power driven by the ego, individuals can become subject to a cult-like situation that can be damaging and sometimes dangerous to their wellbeing. It can happen in religious groups, spiritual groups, family units, schools, the workplace, etc. and there are usually some common themes which should trigger red flags.

One or a few people placed in a position of power/authority over others will often use this power to take advantage of you. This can include asking for services without reciprocation. (The leader of the “spiritual” group I was recently a part of would often ask for free services from the practitioners in addition to the payment of their membership fee. This is a gross imbalance of power and energy.) In corporations, sexual harassment and assault often occurs from misuse of power/authority due to hierarchical structures. “Favors” are requested from individuals who believe they deserve these favors because of their “position” in our life. In families, children are all too often abused sexually and physically because of the belief from their caregivers that they are subordinate.

What is, perhaps, most disturbing about this behavior is that it is often completely justified by the perpetrators. Some of which are completely unaware that they are doing anything wrong. In their egoic minds, it is justified. Why? Because we seem to be conditioned to believe that imbalance is acceptable. That there is a hierarchy to our worth as individuals and that it is okay to be above or below another. Not so. This needs to change.

Unfortunately, we see it all too apparent in our political systems. Dangerous misuse and abuse of power leading to harmful consequences, yet we continue to enable it. Why? It’s a tricky question, but when we look closely at ourselves and our vulnerabilities we may come to learn that there is a self-worth issue that needs to be addressed and healed. It can become a (sometimes painful) opportunity to heal and grow ourselves. When we heal the energetic vulnerabilities within us, we are less likely to attract those who tend to abuse and steal our energy and rob us of our self-worth.

I believe our individual and collective history repeats until we decide to heal and evolve individually and collectively. The inner tends mirror the outer, and vice versa. We are a funny race, as humans. We tend toward the belief of superiority and inferiority in our own cultures, but also when we compare ourselves to nonhuman beings such as animals and plants. The irony in this is if we want to ascribe to the belief of superiority then we are naively fooling ourselves. Nature knows better than we do that the web-of-life is about balance and cooperation. If we just watched and listened to what is occurring both within and outside of us, we would come to see this more clearly. We would see that when we struggle, so do those around us. The planet is in crisis, and so, I believe, are we. Our egoic minds struggle to hold onto the false belief that we are greater than others, when in fact, this division only breaks the One Light that threads through all of us. The light that is Life itself. When will we learn?

One of the driving forces behind this concept led me to write my newly released book, The Labyrinth. It is written as a young adult book, with its six teen protagonists, but it is not intended to be limited to this audience. I have, and continue to learn, from the characters in this book series, which I am calling Warriors of Light. Characters who must face their darkness to repair the light within and without. I still hold a crazy vision that unity can one day be achieved and that the broken lines of light in Earth and within Us, can be repaired into wholeness once again. That one day we may look at each other and see ourselves mirrored back, and the look given and returned will be filled with love and only love.

The Labyrinth by Alethea Kehas
Meet Aponi, one of the six warriors of light in The Labyrinth.

Surrendering​ & Gayatri


IMG_3172 2
Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda


The first night in Bermuda, my daughter came down with a cold. I could hear her coughing and blowing her nose from the other room, and wondered how the night would play out.  She came in after midnight. My husband transitioned to the pullout couch in the main living space, while my daughter settled in next to me so that I could give her Reiki. It was a night of little sleep, but it was also one of blessings and surrender.

There was no cough medicine to grab from the bathroom closet. No diffuser filled with oils to plug in the wall. I had only my hands and the energy I opened them up to. Fear can creep in when we find ourselves in situations that draw us out of our comfort zones. We are used to habits, and come to rely on certain things to get through life. Sometimes, though, we must work with what we have inside of us.

While I rested my hands on my daughter’s head, I asked her to surrender with me.  I felt the body gently release around the heart, and the womb of the Gaia surrounding us. The form of a great sea turtle appeared inside of my mind, holding the presence of Mother Earth. She moved gently through the darkness until my daughter found enough stillness to sleep. And, during those long hours before sleep found me, the notes of the ancient healing mantra of Gayatri played through me:

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha

Tat Savitur varnenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Guest Writer Spot

Today I have the pleasure of being a guest writer for Esther Newton’s wonderful blog. Please check it out. The post is taken from a healing book I am currently working on. Also, Esther’s blog is worth pursuing in and of itself. Thank you, Esther!

Esther Chilton

This week, I’d like to welcome Alethea Kehas, with a strong piece of writing, as my Guest Writer.

Exploring the Body’s Memories: An Exercise in Constriction

By Alethea Kehas


When we begin to let go of the grasp of our past, we begin to heal and move more fully into the present. Yet, it’s often easier said than done. The body and mind like to hold onto what we have experienced. There is a comfortable routine that develops. An experience is lived and stored in our cellular memory, as though with the intention that one day we may wish to retrieve it. Sometimes this is useful. For example, the body and mind’s memory of how to ride a bike, or drive a car. The ability of the body and mind to distinguish healthy foods and how to consume them. The list goes on. What happens, though, when…

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What we choose to remember

Forest Light
Light & Shadow

Repressed memory is a pretty common term. Most people are familiar with it, and many have probably explored their own minds in a search for what has been forgotten. When I was writing my memoir, A Girl Named TruthI spent a lot of time retrieving memories, from myself and others, and often found myself frustrated with what could not be remembered. I was obsessed with the missing gaps, not only because I wanted to fill them in with the lost scenes, I also learned a lot about what I, and others, had chosen to forget.

For example, I have no memories of going to the bathroom at night in the outhouse my family had for many years. Not one. Yet I must have. Instead, I remember the bathroom that came before the outhouse, a hole in the ground, as well as my fear of falling inside of it.

I remember being irrationally afraid of the dark and a reoccurring nightmare I had as a young child. In the nightmare, I am riding in an old brown Ford truck. My father is driving and my sister and I are crouched on the floor in terror. We are in the middle of a forest of pine trees, and swinging from their branches is a monster the size of a great ape. I always woke at the same moment, with a scream trapped in my throat, right before the monster reached the door to take me and my sister.

I don’t remember ever living with my father as a family of four. I don’t even remember visiting him before we left Oregon when I was nearly five-years-old, but when I was two-years-old, he had a fight with my mother and that became my first stored memory.

This memory is so vivid, I can tell you where I was sitting and who as on the couch beside me. I can describe for you the picture above my head. Yet, I cannot tell you what it was like to live with my father, even for half a day. And, I have a theory as to why.

In this first stored memory, I made the conscious choice, even at the young age of two-years-old, to give my father the role of villain in my story of life. My mother, in turn, I chose to love with a fierce loyalty above anyone else.

Shortly after my first memory was stored inside my mind and body, my mother ran away with me and my sister and went into hiding with the Hare Krishnas for a period of several months. Here is what I chose to remember from this long journey. The roll of green grass into blue pools of water, as well as scattered images of beautiful gods. Most of this time period has been recovered through other people’s narratives, which can be read in my memoir.

This past summer, I did some work of a regressionist/psychic friend of mine, and together we recovered some of the memories I had chosen to forget. The story, The Moon Child  came out of this remembering, but there is a more traumatic narrative I have decided not to share. What is important to the larger narrative of my life, though, is what I chose to remember as a child, what what I chose to forget, and why.  If I had decided to remember those long months in hiding, and the trauma I had endured, I would have had, I now realize, nothing to hold onto. My very foundation would have crumbled beneath me. So I made a choice for survival, as many do when they are faced with trauma, whether it be emotional, physical or both. I chose what I needed to remember and what I needed to forget.

What we choose to forget, though, lingers as truth in the recess of your body. It causes unexplainable ailments and diseases/dis-eases, until we are ready to remember. Then, if we truly want to heal and feel a greater sense of wholeness, we must ask not only what have I chosen to forget, but why have I chose to remember everything else? When we do this, our story becomes more complete. We learn why and how we have shaped our individuals lives. We may even discover that what once defined us, has changed dramatically.


Alethea is a writer and owner of Inner Truth Healing. Her memoir, A Girl Named Truth, is now available at Amazon and To learn more about Alethea, please visit her website, AGNT_CoverThumb

Living with Spirit

I wasn’t a child who saw ghosts, or maybe I was, but I don’t remember ever seeing a specter. I talked to fairies, but I don’t remember them talking back. I looked for winged beings in pools of sunlight, and peered in search of their forms under tiny white flowers, but I don’t remember seeing them. I didn’t go to church, and knew very little about religion. Despite growing up in an atheist household, I held within me an innate knowing that Life was not a mere compilation of flesh and bones.


Still, if you had known me before the age of around 25, you would likely be surprised with the turn my life has taken. Or, maybe you wouldn’t be. I went from adopting my childhood teachings that anyone who claimed to talk to spirits, or see them, was a fraud, to thinking in my early adult years that so-called psychics, mediums and those who can be grouped into the woo-woo category, are just that, a bit woo-woo. Despite this, for the last decade or so, I have been traveling, quite willingly down the path of Living with Spirit.


I now believe, with every fiber of my being, that Living with Spirit is the very essence of Life itself. We all do it, whether we are aware of it or not.


Sprit is our essence. It moves through all Life. The blade of grass is sustained with the same Life Force Energy that courses through you and me. The only difference may be that the blade of grass, or the butterfly that lands upon it, accepts this as Truth, whereas you and I may doubt the very essence of our existence.


So what does Living with Spirit mean? It is, in essence, just that: the state of being open to the awareness of the energy that moves through you, and is constantly trying to communicate with you. You may call it the Divine, God, Soul, your Higher Self, etc. It is all of the Whole that is the Source of all Life. It can be expressed outwardly in a myriad of forms. It can take on many aspects, as life does here on Earth. These aspects have been given names such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Animal Guides, and Light-beings. Just as Source is called God, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, etc. We open ourselves to Spirit in the way that works best for us. Some of us hear, see, or feel Sprit, while some of us just know of its ever-constant presence.


Although I do not believe we are all here to be mediums, healers or physics, I believe these gifts are within all of us, in the myriad forms they can take. A gifted painter channels spirit through her mind and body, just as the writer does, and the healer. As does the olympian and the mathematician. The more we get out of the way, and allow our hearts to receive and send, the closer we are open to Source, and the wisdom it encompasses.


I believe that we are all more alike than we are different. That we are all a part of the energy of Source, and that our journeys ultimately lead us back to this Source. I believe that it can take many lifetimes, and although we all come from and are a part of the same Source, we are not all here to walk the same path to get back Home. To live the individual journey with Spirit, though, is Life at its very essence.



Alethea channels spirit through writing and healing. To learn more about Alethea and Inner Truth Healing, please visit:

Divine Alchemy



I rediscovered this stream-of-consciouness, or channeling, if you will, today while going through some files. I wrote it nearly a year ago, a month after my first trip to England where I first ventured into Albion’s ancient sites. I remember the day vividly. I was walking my dogs around the town pond, and started hearing the wisdom of the bee. It’s a long channeling. I cut some of it out, but I thought it might be worth sharing what I have below. Here is the channeling from my unseen guide, which is of course, subject to my own translation, and there are areas where my personal thoughts were added. At is essence, it’s a calling for awareness of the individual self, and of the state of the planet, in particular water, an essential key of life as we know it:


Life is possible through the alchemy of the sun and water. The divine alchemy. Water, the downward facing triangle, and the ancient symbol of the divine feminine energy, when combined with the upward facing triangle, the male life force energy, or the sun, creates life. The alchemy of their combined energies form a hexagon, a divine shape found throughout Nature (bee hives, water, crystals…) and the Universe. Within this shape, one can access, or find, the seat of the soul.


The ankh, an ancient symbol of Life, is also representation of this concept. The head of the ankh evokes the shape of the raindrop, or drop of water, the body of the ankh is the alchemical reaction that is created through the action of the sun and the water. In this respect, it is the Key of Life.


The ankh is also a representation of the human body when lying supine toward the sun. The head, in this case, is the human head, filled with consciousness waiting to be ignited. The cross of the ankh is positioned at the heart center of the human body, or the seat of the soul. When a person is lying supine on the Earth, in the shape of an ankh, that person is in a position of surrendering to this divine life force energy, allowing any and all possibilities for alchemy to occur. It can be a simple, yet powerful act of awakening to Truth. In this, also, the ankh is the Key of Truth.


The Egyptian goddess Isis, with her rainbow wings, is [an aspect of] the divine feminine, or the magical energy of water. She represents the sacred water in all of us, opening us up to the Key to Life. Combined with, or ignited by the divine masculine energy of the sun, represented by the god Horus in Egyptian mythology, a rainbow is created. Without sun and water, there is no rainbow. The rainbow contains the full spectrum of energies that exist in the universe, allowing us to see (some of them) with our physical eyes. The rainbow is the spectrum of life force energies. The crystalline structure of DNA is encoded with the energies of the rainbow waiting to become its full potential.


We are being asked, now, to remember the alchemy of water and sun, in particular water, [I believe], because we are made up primarily of water, as is Earth, yet both are vastly polluted through our thought forms and actions. Water is the element of emotion and memory. It changes form, but it never forgets. It is transparent when pure. It forms the sacred symbol of a perfect hexagon when it is undefiled, and when it is loved with gratitude. Water, quite simply, is life, and without water and the sun, Life as we know it, would not exist.


I believe this Truth is encoded in the ancient sites of the world. In the temples of Egypt and in the sacred stone circles of England, and throughout the world. Stonehenge  was a tribute to the Sun, but also the Moon, which is the orb that moves the water within Earth, and ourselves. The ancients knew this, and lived with reverence and love. The age of forgetting was also the age of the cross without the head, a deliberate removal of the head of the ankh, or the divine feminine life-force energy. It was also the beginning of a time when the divine goddesses were pushed aside and humans chose to forget them, or ignore their Truths and power. The waters of Earth, and within our bodies, became stagnant and polluted through these actions and “false” beliefs. Life, we are relearning, is not possible with just the Sun/“Son of God.”


The bee, who brought much of this to my awareness, is an indicator species that represents this divine alchemy of life. Bees are in danger because of our polluting actions (thoughts), and hence all life on Earth is in jeopardy.  Ancient civilizations were very aware of the importance of the bee on all levels of Life. The bee uses the energy of water and sun to create life. The bee pollinates life through its physical actions, and creates the golden nectar of life, this sacred physical manifestation of the alchemy between sun and water, in the form of honey. Honey is the color of divine light, gold, and holds the healing properties of light/life. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, it exists in pure form for thousands of years if left untempered with, and it is sweet, bringing us the physical taste of joy. The bee, of course, is also a divine architect, creating hives made from perfect hexagons and showing us how to optimally preserve, store and utilize the life force energy.

Image curtesy of Pixabay

6 is a sacred number. The hexagon has six sides, and it is a structure of divine perfection. The frequency of the number 6 is a carrier of the life force energy of Love. While walking by the town pond, my guide(s) made this aware to me, as well as that water can be repaired and recharged with the Love frequency of tuning forks. I looked it up online when I got home, and found that this is true. That tuning forks tuned to 528 frequency, repairs DNA and water and is the frequency of Love.  I also (re)learned that healthy DNA (I actually have a degree in biology) is the 6 sided structure of the Hexagon, which is, as mentioned above, the shape of pure, healthy water. I was given a vision of a tuning fork at this frequency being used to heal the water in the pond (and other bodies of water, including, it seems the human, which is what they are often used for in healings).

I had also noted that I had just read Dr. Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water, which was a gifted to me by my husband prior to receiving this “channeling.” The late Dr. Emoto’s work with water offers a great insight into the deeper truths of life.

The Weight of Cells


I woke at 3am with my mind playing back a phrase that came to me several months ago during a meditation, Every cell has a weight and a memory. Instead of falling back to sleep, I kept thinking about this statement and how important it is in terms of healing the body. Even when the mind chooses not to remember, the body does.

Cells, by their very nature, are programed to remember. It is how they survive, dividing and propagating themselves through generations upon generations to carry out their designated functions, yet we don’t always think about the emotional weight that our bodies carry.

You may have heard stories about transplant patients who suddenly develop cravings for foods they never liked before. There are also cases where personalities have radically changed, particularly after a heart transplant. It may sound crazy on the surface, but it makes sense. Cells, by their very nature, are programed to remember, even when the mind chooses to forget. They do it to survive and thrive, but sometimes, when the weight of the memory they carry is too heavy, they turn sluggish and lethargic. Over time, disease can set it.

Pause in reading this, and close your eyes. Allow your body to show you where it is holding density. For some of you it might be obvious, you may have an excess of physical weight in one area more than another, or you might have a persistent ache or pain. Go to these places and ask them to remember the origin of their density.

Let me give you an example in myself. Although I am relatively slender, my body holds extra density in my belly, in particular in the abdominal areas of my 2nd and 3rd chakras. This is where, as a young child, I started burying my emotions. Having no real outlet for emotional release, I swallowed my turmoil, and as a result I often had frequent pains in my abdominal region. As an adult, I had chronic IBS for two years, and I would wake in the wee hours of the morning with a bloated belly filled with pain. When I began listening to my body, and allowing the stories it had stored to surface, along with the emotional weight they carried, I began to heal, and the bloating decreased along with the pain.

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. Although I do not have the physical weight of a goiter in my throat, I have the energetic density of hypothyroidism. In my 5th chakra, therefore, there is energetic density. Although my thyroid is gradually regaining health, when I enter this space of my body, I can feel its weight. There are emotions stored here, waiting to be released. My cells not only carry my own memories of  my voice and truth being silenced with physical and verbal restraints, they carry generations inside of their DNA. Thyroid disease runs in my family, as it often does. Proof, I believe, that cells carry memories. How can they not?

Why would one person get a disease and not another? Chance? I don’t tend to give much credence to chance. If you dig deep enough, you can likely find a cause; an origin. We can ask the same question another way. Why do some people heal, and not others? The answers are similar in either case. The weight of memory.

A healthy, vibrant cell does not get diseased. It thrives, and carries out the function for which it is designed. Destiny, though, is subject to events. The cell exposed to trauma suffers. It mutates, or fails to replicate in perfect form. Sometimes it dies before it can divide. Physical trauma to the cell will compromise its health, but so will emotional. When we receive a cut, we apply pressure to the source of the bleed. We try to stem the flow of loss. What happens, though, to the body that suffers emotional trauma? It grows dense with the weight it is trying to release.

The body is always striving to find balance, yet many of us are unwilling to listen to its memories. Its not always pleasant to stop and listen to our bodies. What they have to tell us is often of a memory we have tried to ignore or forget. Like a child, the body yearns to be heard and understood. When we allow this occur, we start to heal density and the discomfort it creates. We shed the weight of repression as we release the trapped stories. Health returns as the energy of the cells spin more freely, and we feel lighter and more vibrant.

Sometimes the stories aren’t ours, but we’ve agree to harbor them in our bodies. Memories passed down through DNA, or through the empathic matrix of one being to another. Listen. Allow. Remember. Release. Heal. The body, like the soul, is always trying to find the light inside the story.


Healing Through the Heart: An Offer


As many of you are probably doing, I find myself looking for ways that I can help the worldwide causes that are in jeopardy. Since the health of our environment is one of the areas of particular threat, and a great concern of mine, I have decided to offer my services in exchange for donations to environmental charities. The offer is good through the month of February. In return for a 30-minute energy healing session (distant or in-person), or a 30-minute intuitive reading (distant or in-person), I am asking that you make a donation to a reputable environmental organization. There are so many charities and causes concerned with preserving and improving the health of our planet, I don’t wish to limit your choices. If, though, you need some suggestions, click  here for a great list.

To redeem this offer, please email me at with a receipt of your donation and preferred dates and times for your healing or reading.  For more information, you can visit my website at 

7 Chakras = 7 Classes

I’m very excited to be offering a series of classes that will explore the 7 primary chakras in the human body. Each class will be devoted to one chakra, beginning with the first, and ending with the 7th.  They’ll be held at my studio in Bow, NH, and will begin on the 9th of December and run from 6:30-8:30pm. Recommended age is 12 and up, minors must be accompanied by an adult. The cost is $100 for all 7, or $15/class if you want to attend some, but not all. Minors are half-price. Here are the details:

A Healing Exploration of Your Energetic Body

7 Classes = 7 Chakras

Price: $100 for all 7 or $15/class

(please prepay, if possible, to secure your spot via Paypal:

Class limited to 20 & recommended for ages 12 and up. Minors must be accompanied by adult.

When: Friday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Beginning  December 9th – January 27th (no class on December 23rd)

Where: Inner Truth Healing Studio

26 Jonathan Ln, Bow, NH


Recommended to Bring: yoga mat or pillow, blanket, water bottle, pen & paper

Instructor: Alethea Kehas is a certified Master/Teacher of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, a writer, and a student of the mysteries. For more information about Alethea, please visit her website:

What to Expect: Each class will be devoted to an exploration of a chakra, beginning with the 1st and ending with the 7th, including how chakras are compromised by our emotions, and ways to keep them healthy and balanced. Through a guided healing meditation, you will have the opportunity to release trapped energy and rejuvenate your mind/body/spirit. Below is a diagram of your 7 primary chakras and the energy they represent.