If I Could Have Tea with Fellow Bloggers…#blogging #friendship

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Have you ever thought about what it might be like to meet the writers behind the blogs you read? What would you talk about over, let’s say, a cup of tea? This thought occurred to me while I was reading through this morning’s blog posts that come through my email feed. I happened to be pursuing a post by Jaye Marie and found myself thinking about how lovely it would be to sit with her over a cup of tea and talk about bonsai. I’ve never tried growing a bonsai, but I find the idea fascinating. Bonsais fill me with wonder. They make me think of magic and fairies. Of creating an almost impossible beauty inside a troubled world.

And from there I got to thinking about how much I enjoy the words and shared blogging lives from the writers I follow. When I open their posts, it’s like opening a personal letter from a friend. Some of these friends I have been lucky to meet. And some of those encounters have literally transformed my life. Like meeting the late Sue Vincent.

Most of the writers, though, I merely know through our blog and the comments we share at the end of our posts. But, this doesn’t make their presence in my life any less meaningful. After musing about having tea with Jaye and talking about the art of bonsai, I got to thinking about what else I would enjoy talking about with my fellow bloggers.

Dawn Minot’s post this morning about living life as an introvert struck a familiar cord in me. I found myself thinking about what it might be like to sit beside Dawn on that rock by the water and talk about Life with a capital “L.”

As I progressed through my emails, Anita’s post about Nova Scotia caught my eye. Anita, who travels the world and captures the beauty of place in her photographs and words. Yes, I decided, I would quite like to sit with Anita some day and talk about travel and the magic of place.

And then I found a post by another person I have had the pleasure of meeting. When I opened it, Steve’s lovely photos framed a lovely poem. The post, a reminder of another blogging friend I have talked with over tea. One of the subjects being the art of photography.

Soon, I began to consider myself rather lucky to have these “letters” to open every morning. I think perhaps, I’ll continue to reflect, and share, from time-to-time, as I open up my posts, on what it might be like to have tea with the person who wrote the words.

41 thoughts on “If I Could Have Tea with Fellow Bloggers…#blogging #friendship

  1. What a great idea for a post. This is a rather more anonymous platform than facebook et al, all of us posting for the love of writing, and sharing or synthesising ideas, but not ever really knowing the authors..it appeals to my introverted side, but its also nice to have that sense of mutual appreciation from fellow contributors.. πŸ™‚

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  3. What a fun and heartfelt post Alethea. I love your idea and perspective on opening “letters” from bloggers and sitting for tea and conversation. I’ve pondered traveling around the US and Canada via van or RV for the purpose of meeting fellow bloggers. There are so many bloggers that I would love to meet in person.

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  4. Ouch, I had a long reply ready to go but went to correct a typo, went back to correct it, and… Oh well, we’ll try again….
    I had always thought I’d be able to meet Sue someday, but I guess it was not meant to be. You are lucky to have been able to meet her – I am not surprised that it was a transformative experience!
    I met one blogger (previous blogger) a few years back when I was in DC for work. Besides that, I would really like to meet up with a lot of the people I blog with, even just for a cup of tea or coffee – that is what the coffee chats I have been participating in for almost 9 years is about! The original idea was to pretend you were sitting down in front of another blogger and start “If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…” I usually don’t think of the letter analogy, but these chats are like a letter.
    There are a few New England based bloggers (yes, that includes you) that I would like to meet up with in real life, and not just a virtual chat – starting local is easiest. It hasn’t happened. Yet. Maybe some day.
    In the mean time, I’ll continue to send and receive those letters from my friends from around the world that I have never met πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, maybe we should try to organize something. To start, can you send me an email to trent(at)trentsworld(dot)com? We can do some brainstorming over email – it is a little easier than comments.

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  5. Why am I not surprised that you wrote that blog, Alethea? I, for one, would love to have tea or coffee…with you. If you ever find yourself in Spain, do look me up! There are some people – like the loveable Sue Vincent – who just come across as having the sum of multiple souls. Peace and Love.

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      1. That sounds wonderful! Husband and I travelled a lot in the past, but we are now ancient, he nearly 95, me coming up to 91 and, although well, our legs think otherwise!! We have many great memories, and I would love to to have seen New England. We made N Y, and Florida and several parts of Canada, where we lived and worked in Toronto for nearly two years. It’s a beautiful planet…Keep well Alethea. xx

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  6. I love this idea too. And if you do come to Spain to meet Joy, we will all have tea together as we are practically neighbours and often see each other at a popular coffee shop. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few blogging friends and hope to meet more this year. We do get to know each other quite well via comments and posts. xo

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  7. I too always hoped I would get a chance to meet Sue. Yet she is always with me in so many ways.
    I’m much better with written language than verbal, so not sure how I would fare in a face-to-face meeting. But I value the blogging bonds I’ve formed. (K)

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  8. A lovely blog Alethea I too would love to meet some of the lovely bloggers I converse with however I am far away from most of you…I am going to Australia(Perth) in May so if any Perth bloggers wish to meet for tea/coffee or a tinny let me know πŸ™‚

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  9. You make me realize how much I like reading blog posts and sharing ideas here and how much I wish I had more time to do so. As an introvert at heart, it would be easier than in person socializing about mundane things. I would rather talk about life with a capital L and growing bonsai trees which I have never tried but have thought about.

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