Gifts of Joy Sometimes Arrive in the Night #dreams #ghosts #dreammessages

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My grandmother is 94.5 yrs olds. It’s one of the few, consistent facts she remembers. It’s become quite clear as of late that she has turned a corner in her life’s journey. When I call her, I’m never quite sure what type of response I will get, if any.

A couple of weeks ago, I called to receive her announcement, “I dumped all my medications.”

I hesitated a moment before I asked, “You did? How are you feeling?”

“I feel great,” she declared as she went on to tell me how all her previous discomforts had now vanished.

Later, after we hung up there were a flurry of calls and messages that she didn’t know about to confirm facts and safety. As far as I know, though, Gram is still off her meds but is being closely monitored and cared for in the facility where she lives. My grandmother, you see, has wanted to die since my grandfather passed away two decades ago.

But she has lingered here in this life and often she wonders why. Nearly every time I call her, she brings up her daughter, my mother.

“Did you hear your mother called me and she’s coming to visit me?”

This announcement followed the heals of the one about her medications. It took me a little longer to react, and now no one I have spoken with is sure if it is true. More than a week has now passed and as far as I know my mother hasn’t left the state where she and I both reside to travel 3,000 miles across the country to say goodbye to her mother before she passes.

My feelings are mixed, but what matters is how my grandmother feels. She’s waited 30 yrs, as she tells me know each time I call, for this moment, and it is enough in her mind that a long awaited connection of peace was been made. I don’t care if that call was real. I care that it has brought my grandmother the peace she has been waiting for.

Stories of the elderly or terminally ill lingering longer than expected in life are not uncommon. And, quite often it is because of a desire to mend relationships or to say goodbye to those that one holds dear. I am so glad my grandmother got the call she has been waiting three decades for. A call where her beloved daughter told her she wants to let go of their wounded history. Whether it was real or not doesn’t really matter because it has brought my grandmother the joy and peace she has been waiting for.

Last night, my grandmother brought me the gift of joy. And, after a very challenging year, it was just what I needed. Joy, in the dream, arrived in the form of a magical room I didn’t know existed in my “house.” When I crossed the threshold of the door, my body lost the pull of gravity and flew, guided by the unseen presence of my grandmother. Each stop in the room, yielded a gift of love and symbol of joy for the four members of my family.

Whether my grandmother’s spirit actually visited me in my dreams, doesn’t really matter. It is not uncommon though, to hear of such occurrences when souls are preparing to transition. Because I have had more than a couple “spectral” visitations that have been aptly timed, unexpected, and with synchronistic messages for loved ones, I’d like to believe this one was real. Real enough, at the very least, to bring the gift of joy. And, for that I am grateful.

28 thoughts on “Gifts of Joy Sometimes Arrive in the Night #dreams #ghosts #dreammessages

      1. I just looked it up. It’s 7 miles from where my daughter is.

        My mother in law is in an assisted living facility. When we visited her, she didn’t want to talk too much and wanted to keep it short. We only stayed with her less than 15 minutes.

        I curious pop in and visit your grandmother for a few minutes if she is open to it but probably wait until I’m going for sure, and not to give her too far in advance notice. She may get anxious about that.

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      2. That is very sweet of you. I am not sure what their visitation status is right now. It seems to change constantly. She told me they have been in lock-down for 2 months, but that may or may not be true. I think my uncle is allowed to visit her in a designated place.


  1. There were many years when I endeavored to be logical because it felt safe. When my mother started getting more confused in the years leading up to her death, I mistakenly tried to get her to see reality. My Aunt Ruth died last year at the age of 95. She helped me learn to go with the flow when talking with her on the phone – it was much like what you describe with your grandmother. Your beautiful message about what matters most helps move me along in my journey from what is logical to what is magical. Now, I much prefer magical. Thank you for your wisdom, Alethea.

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  2. Jane Sturgeon

    Alethea, there is so much love here. The call, real or imagined, brought loving energy filled with joy to you in a dream. Loving energy never dies. Thank you for sharing. Much love to you all. ❤ xXx

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