Sue and Ani at Wayland’s Smithy #writephoto #suevincent #waylandsmithy #uffington

Sue & Ani

Thursdays were days when Sue Vincent would post a photograph writing prompt challenge. In honor of this ritual, I have posted one of my favorite photographs of Sue, which I took two years ago during a shared trip to Wayland’s Smithy. It’s a photograph I hold dear. Filled with memory, magic and love.

I’m not sure if Sue knew I was taking this photo, but Ani sure did. The presence of these two beings made this afternoon extra special for me. Although I can count on my two hands the number of days I have spent with Sue, they rank among the very best of my life thus far. Sometimes you are lucky in life to encounter a teacher/mentor/friend who takes you under her wings and guides you in that gentle way to open your awareness to the magic that exists, but is not always acknowledged. I consider myself one of those lucky individuals.

I can’t tell you exactly when I first met Sue, or exactly how. But, I can tell you she entered my life just when I needed her presence. That is often the way these types of relationships occur. The teacher mysteriously finding the student, the student, the teacher, just when the moment is right…

If it were not for the internet, perhaps we would not have met, but I believe when there’s a will, there’s away. If you had told me twenty years ago that I would meet a woman named Sue who would lead me into the magical landscape of the soul and also the living lands of ancient Albion, I would probably not believe you. Yet somehow, one day, our paths intersected through our blogs, and the rest is our brief history in this lifetime together.

A lifetime that, I believe, stretches well beyond this one, to a far distant past when magic was not so extraordinary…

The photo featured in this post was taken just over two years ago. It almost didn’t happen, but somehow Sue managed to arrange an afternoon, packed full of magic, to take myself and a friend to Uffington. Here, Sue sits with her beloved dog Ani on the chamber of Wayland’s Smithy. It is, for me, a precious photo. The winged soul and her guardian canine in a place the bridges the realms of corporeal and spirit.

It is, most likely, our last day together in this lifetime. And somehow even though I’d like to have more days with Sue, it was fitting and perfect. As much as we may wish to, we cannot control the length of time we have with those we love and hold dear, yet when we review it, we often find that its length was perfect in its essence.

When I first learned of Sue’s illness, I cycled through the emotions of impending loss. There were moments when I decided it was wholly unfair, for Sue, for her family, for all those who love her, and for, selfishly, myself. Our adventures have only just begun.

But who am I to say how long a lifetime should be and when it should end? It is, instead, a choice to accept what one has been given and to realize the fullness of the gift wrapped in this temporary form. Knowing, at the same time, that infinity lies beyond the temporary form. For me there is peace in this knowing. When I look at this photograph, uncertainty disappears and faith takes its place. Although I may resist a plan that is beyond my control, with the surrender there is a doorway to the beauty of truth.

You can see it here. In the place of stillness, it opens. The winged soul bending down to touch the Earth, never truly leaves.

67 thoughts on “Sue and Ani at Wayland’s Smithy #writephoto #suevincent #waylandsmithy #uffington

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  2. Having missed this when it first went out, Alethea, I am sitting here in tears as you can well imagine.
    Our ‘meeting’ was online… and although I don’t recall the exact circumstances, there was something that called to me from a piece you had written about ‘acceptance’ and I had to get in touch. That is a long time ago now, and we have come so far. I am glad and grateful and very proud to have shared the journey with you. Much love, now and always xx

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  4. A beautiful and fitting tribute, Alethea. Sue has been an amazing teacher. I feel so blessed to have known her and shared these past years with her through the miracle of the internet. Small comfort comes in knowing that her words and wisdom will stay with us once she transitions. ❤

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  5. This so beautiful, Alethea, both the words and the photo. And I absolutely concur with all you have written. I’m so glad you and I got to spend time together as well, and of course this was all because of Sue. I feel truly blessed to have known her, and I hope you and I can meet again to explore the hidden pathways and honour all she has taught us.

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    1. Thank you, Helen. I agree, Sue has played a special role in our lives (and so many others), bringing us her gifts and to the gifts of the land and each other. Yes, let’s plan to meet up some of those wild places when we can. I have no doubt we’ll find Sue’s presence there as well. ❤️

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  6. Alethea, a heartmoving post … you write with such love and tenderness about Sue, your meeting. Having followed her for years on WP I know she is a most remarkable woman, seeing beyond our earthly bounds at all times. You are lucky to have met in person and your photograph is astonishing, her open free spirit shining strong, welcoming in the whole world! Wow! Her recent posts have been astonishing, some of the best writing I’ve ever read, the most direct touching upon a topic we all hold in fear and allowing us to see its light. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Annika, for sharing your sentiments. I very much agree with you. The photo does capture that special essence of Sue and she is showing is how remarkable she is at this time of transition. It is a gift for all who are graced by her presence. ❤️


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