Lavender Dream #Dream #Writephoto #poetry

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Once again Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt photo has mirrored my dreams. It’s been a challenging two weeks. My computer died, again, and the resuscitation of  it was more laborious and disruptive than I had hoped it would be. Breathing into the letting go what may be lost,  and what may take monumental efforts to fully restore, has been a call to open the heart. 

Lavender Dream

I dreamt of the self starved

my body yielding to others, breathing

out instead of in. I will be there

for you, she knows the whisper as rote

memory so deep the threads bind her own

love. You can see it in her narrowed hips

breasts, almost pre-pubescent. As though

the body learned before it could fully grow

to turn inward upon itself. Preservation

in the outer yielding. I will be there for you

too, her voice echoes outside its walls

He brought the amethyst cracked open. Primal

rocks forged by the Mother’s fire

bumpy and dulled gray on the outside

Broken by will. He placed them around my neck

A lei of love. Her lavender heart

revealed itself in a field of green



to love

20 thoughts on “Lavender Dream #Dream #Writephoto #poetry

  1. Beautiful, Althea…I also sympathise as I to have been having computer woes and each episode worse than the last I fear a new one is beckoning I hope without too much loss..Fingers crossed for you with yours. Be well and stay safe, Alethea 🙂

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    1. Oh no, sorry to hear your computer is on the fritz too! Maybe it’s all the solar flares. Hope you are able to keep all your contents in order. My WIP is currently a mess. All formatting gone. That set off the stress tears and I haven’t looked at it since. All photos are gone, but I’m hoping they’re on the external hard drive the technician used. I just haven’t found the stamina to figure it all out. It’s quite the mess. Oh well, reminds you of what is really important in life. Xo

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      1. My WIP is the same…Many of my photos are useless as corrupted.. a mess indeed although after last time I do put much on usb sticks…I need a new laptop when I can get out to have alook around.Fingers crossed for yours and yes it does highlight what is important ..stay safe 🙂 x

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