Wistful Hope #wistful #writphoto

photo credit: Sue Vincent

Hope took a deep breath and inhaled the sky. Fear slid behind her into the recesses of Night as New Day slipped over the land. A land long-troubled by the burden of Misuse and Misunderstanding.

As she stood atop the hill, Hope thought about the green spreading over the barren patches of earth. A sense of wistful longing took hold of her heart and she smiled. It had been a long time since she had smiled. Even longer since she had laughed. Yet, beneath her feet, Hope now felt a tingling. The Earth was waking her children. It was subtle, but Hope knew it to be Life stirring through the Long Darkness.

Her veins began to hum a quiet song, and Hope new it to be Harmony.

Harmony had not been a part of Hope’s life before the breaking of New Day. She had lived a long time. A very long time. She had watched and waited. Her feet stumbling over Dissonance. Cracks in the landscape ever-widening, instead of rejoining. Before the New Day had dawned, Hope was starting to feel Despair in each footstep. Faith had become a long-lost friend and Hope knew only Loneliness.

And then the sky had changed its worn and tattered cloak of gray and dawned the New Day filled with the blush of pink and Hope felt that stirring to breathe deep and full its promise. If she had felt it. So would the others. Soon they would return. Coming out of their caves of Isolation to feel the stir of Harmony. And when they did Love would rekindle its fire and spark the Light of Unity in each heart.

Hope could hardly wait for the Dance of Life to begin.

For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt challenge, #wistful 

18 thoughts on “Wistful Hope #wistful #writphoto

    1. Thank you, Carol. Our governor has just issued a Stay-at-Home mandate until May 4th. We can go to work and the grocery stores and that’s about it. I hope people comply. I am now trying to figure out if I can get refunded for our trip to Iceland that was suppose to occur at the end of April. I’ve been waiting for something official before I canceled all the reservations…Anyway, I will keep the hope alive as best I can that we all get through this and something better comes out of it on the other side. Be well ❤

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      1. I hope so Alethea travel companies are not very good at refunds are they? I hope everyone complies people seem to be complying here it is very quiet and only people grabbing a few bits and going home..Lets hope we can see a reduction in cases …I hope you stay well xx

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      2. Thats a start, Alethea..It may come to the point where airlines don’t have a choice but to refund…I hope so and also hope that this wicked virus can be stopped soon 🙂 Be well Alethea 🙂 x

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