The Blame Game and A World Turned Angry

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I was going to devote today to writing. My WIP, that is. I’ve written a few lines, and changed the structure and wording of others, yet my mind is drifting elsewhere. Instead of staying inside my fantasy world, my thoughts are sneaking back to the world surrounding me. The here and now, you might call it.

Yesterday I was going to write about the booming business of “Mindfulness” and found someone else had. I skimmed the heading of the article and thought maybe I’ll save it for another day. Except I can’t stop thinking about how easily we fall prey to false hopes and beliefs, and the magical cures that are promised by another looking to reap profits from our fears. Did you know you can get a master’s degree in Mindfulness? There’s billions of dollars held within the simple concept of staying present in the moment, wholly open to the truth that is you.

It seems we have so far removed ourselves from this truth, that we are, in essence gasping in each breath, cut off from the vital life-force that feeds us. It’s a suffocating existence.  I’ve got a fridge filled with organic celery. Not because I’m planning to juice it each morning, but because, I suspect many of those who jumped on this would-be-cure-all promised by some medium-not-trained-in-medicine have moved onto the latest best thing that will magically cure all that ails them. And, so, my Misfits boxes have been filled with this cast-off craze and I find myself searching for new recipes…

Not that I haven’t fallen prey to these promises either. I have. Until I start to question, pause, and return to the voice of truth within. Yesterday, I got a vaccine because Hep A is running rampant and I know this simple action can help prevent my getting it. I don’t regret my decision. I consider myself fairly learned in the world of science. I have a degree in biology, and studies and work experience in the sciences beyond undergraduate. I tend to ask questions when I don’t understand something and look for reputable resources premised upon facts and not biases.

The very word vaccine, though, has become akin to a swear word in some circles, or even worse. It’s viewed as a device filled with a deadly poison created by the hands of the devil’s own subjects. Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Yet, millions are paid for alternatives. Millions reaped by eager hands promising to cure and save those that shun any and all conventional medicine.

There exists corruption at both ends of the spectrum. Yet, there is often too little question of the source of our fears. Anger and accusations fill the pages of social media and certain news channels. It’s become cool to point fingers, and lauded to raise one’s voice in rage.

Last night, I watched part of the democratic debates out of Iowa and kept asking myself who would stand the best chance against our current leader. In this day and age, it seems, timidity is intolerable, but so is truth. Force and anger are awarded the titles of victor. It’s a troubling reality, and I know this is not a happy post. I have promised on this blog, with its title, to search for the light inside each story.

The thing is, though, the light is you. Each of you. And, all of us. It’s not what someone else tells us we should be. It’s not the fear that makes us react with aggression and anger. It’s not the temptation to mistrust and doubt who we are. It’s the pure, simple voice of  compassionate reason that is truth. It’s not the ideological belief that there is an “us” v. “them” or an “I” v. “you.” It’s the heart-centered knowing that in our essence we are all one. And that in this oneness we can temper the impulse towards greed. We can keep in-check our anger and accusations knowing that fear is our guide to love. We can take a deep breath and reside “mindfully” in the present moment and look around us with our own fresh eyes and say, “Maybe what I once thought is not true. Maybe this judgement I have held onto is not mine to hold. Maybe the answers I seek are best walked through the path of the heart. And maybe, just maybe, I can find words of love instead of hate when I react to myself and the world around me.”


13 thoughts on “The Blame Game and A World Turned Angry

  1. very kind words, how often we have to alter our opinions, may your wisdom increase as the year moves on, with so much confusion in the world, 2020 vision is required. On the point of Healing and the power of prayer, I encountered that Great Spirit, and it responds to wisdom the same way as a new born clings to it’s mother, be blessed, amen

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  2. Jane Sturgeon

    I find my thinking echoed here in your words, Alethea. Thank you. In seeking our own answers and avoiding the quick fixes and false promises, we have to wade through so much consumerism and ‘smoke and veils’. We choose how we connect to others, thank goodness. Yes, we all hold our light. ❤

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  3. Hello.

    Beautifully written, yet again, and with wisdom: “Not that I haven’t fallen prey to these promises either. I have. Until I start to question, pause, and return to the voice of truth within.”🙂

    I just started reading your very touching story in “A girl named truth”. The writing is immediately engrossing, as well. So, I’ve shared the book cover and its Amazon link on my Twitter account. However, I think and hope, with time, your story and book get more of their deserved attention. Please, let me know if I could be of some assistance. I would be truly glad to help in any small way.

    Best wishes,

    S K Ditta.

    PS: Sorry for such a long comment.🙂

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    1. The “Look Inside” feature on Amazon has the first 2-3 chapters, I believe, but you’re welcome to share any excerpt that you prefer that’s a reasonable length. A chapter or less, let’s say. Again, thank you for your support!

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  4. 🙂 Thanks.

    I have your book on Kindle now. Shall read it and prepare a review in 7 days. Then, I will share a positive review in accord with your wishes on Amazon and on Twitter.

    After a month, I will post a review on my sites as well.

    All the best to you and your loved ones.

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      1. Hello, Alethea (truth), 🙂

        Hope, you and your loved ones are keeping well. I’ve been reading your fascinating book and sharing a little bit on Twitter.

        Just one question: Would you like to see the review before I post it on Amazon, and then, on my website? If so, you may freely contact me via email, through my website contact page. (I’ve done book reviews before, and, this is quite normal to do)

        Take care. Best wishes.🙏🙂

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      2. Thank you, we are doing well here in the semi-winter we are having in New England. I’m simply grateful for your review, so I don’t need to preview it. My heartfelt gratitude to you and may you have a wonderful weekend. ❤️🙏

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