The Box of Fear & Why I Believe We All Must Find Our Own “Religion” #religion #spirituality #findyourownpath


I  have recently received an email from a friend I met years ago at a metaphysical class. We were both searching and seeking a deeper understanding of life, like all who are drawn to unravel the mysteries. Now, she has turned to religion, following the urgings of a man she loves. I am not surprised, but there is a sadness to her desperation to be loved and accepted into a secure form of life.

In her email, my friend urged me, and the rest of the group of friends to which she sent the email, to follow her path as a born-again Christian so that our souls, like hers, could be saved. She has labeled us as “New Age,” a label I have never tried to own.

I don’t care for labels, and this one I find offensive and incorrect. Although I cannot speak for the others in the group, I consider myself a spiritual being who seeks, in each moment, to heed the inner voice of truth that aligns with the core Truths of being. I do not follow one guru, or worship within the confines of one sect. I simply try my best to live a life in alignment with love.

If that makes me a sinner in some eyes, so be it. Yet, it troubles me that is should be so. Perhaps, in some ways, I am fortunate to have not been raised in what feels like the confines of a particular set of beliefs. As the child of agnostic parents who leaned toward atheism, I had to find my own spirituality in my search for inner peace and wellbeing.

I can recall many sleepless nights lying in bed wondering if my last breath would lead to my oblivion. I would wonder if my life was meaningless as a mere conglomeration of cells adhered into a body with an intelligent brain that allowed me to think both rational and irrational thoughts.

It was only when I started to think beyond the confines of my brain, and stepped into the realm of the heart, that I found a home that stretched beyond walls into the vast expanse of being. My path has lead me to explore many teachings, which all possess the same core of truths. The yoga sutras, which predate all religions, echo the words of the oldest Egyptian texts. The furthest back you go, the more threads of common truths you find. This, to me, feels like home.

Yet, it is not my place to judge another’s beliefs, nor to where they feel most at home. We are, in essence, all searching for belonging. But, do we have a right to label others as incorrect and ask them to follow the way we have chosen? This troubles me. It reminds me that we are still fighting wars and killing each other because of our spiritual beliefs, the color of our skin, and the sexual physiology and orientation of our bodies. This is not okay.

The need to destroy and convert are premised upon fear, not love. At the core of all religions and spiritual teachings, from what I have found, is Love. That is all. Love. It is a calling to find home in the knowing that we are all born from and a part of Love, which unites all life. When I breath into the stillness of being that is what I find. It fills me with a connection not only to myself, but to all life. It reminds me that I am not above or below anyone else, I am simply a part of all life. That, to me, is enough. It is a coming home.

9 thoughts on “The Box of Fear & Why I Believe We All Must Find Our Own “Religion” #religion #spirituality #findyourownpath

  1. Thank you, Alethia. What you have written is so in tune with how I feel. Christened a Catholic, as I grew older and started thinking about life, religion and love, I realised how important it was for the priests, the rich, the despots and all those in power, to control others and have them dance to their music. A lot of fear is spread early on and brain-washing easy when you are dealing with young children. The whole concept of “God” is man-made, whichever way you observe it. Prayer may help the prayer, but whether your prayers will be answered is another matter. I’m sure, over time, the many millions of poor souls who have been tortured and killed in wars and skirmishes, prayed. i believe in nature’s truths, cruel and conversely miraculous that they can be. And hope and love. We are all flawed, but must try in the utmost to accept everyone and respect them and their beliefs, It is the only way forward. The other path leads to mayhem and hatred. Do as you would be done by.Love and light. Joy xx

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  2. I have never found a label that fits all…nor would I want to. Religion is a framework upon which faith can be shaped; it answers the need of many, but the faith that underpins it must be their own. Faith, on the other hand, needs no framework or story, but is an expression of the heart. x

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  3. Suzanne

    It is annoying when people ram their religion in your face. Born again Christians renouncing the New Age like its a religion or cult are so weird. I’ve had similar experiences. Personally I don’t think we need to find our own religions. I’m over the whole religious thing. I was raised a Christian, spent time in Hindu ashrams in my 20s and 30s, explored Buddhism in my 40s then looked at new age ideas. Now I have no religion although I follow a spiritual path. My spirit leads the way. I would say we need to find our own spirituality rather than religion.

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