Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Santa Claws, Alethea Kehas and Millie the Queen Kitten

Well it seems Queen Millie the Kitten as written a letter to her pal Ani across the pond in the hopes that her stocking will be full of goodies for her first Christmas…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Back when I was a little pup and sniffing round some really interesting boxes in the cupboard under the stairs, the two-legs told me there were Christmas trimmings. Then she told me all about Christmas… and while I was down with the idea of turkey and all the other nice things we might get to eat, I was a bit worried when she mentioned that something called Santa Claws might pay us a visit. She said I would have to be very good if I wanted it to turn out well…

I worried about that all summer, ’cause being good wasn’t all that high on my list of priorities. I did try, but you know, everything is so interesting to a pup! Trouble is, the only Claws I met were on the end of a cat… and, although I had done my best, that hadn’t turned out well at…

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