A Thousand Miles of History XXXXI: Second time lucky…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Three days and countless ancient places earlier, our attempts to visit the Cheesewring with Alethea and Larissa had been thwarted by the roiling mists of Bodmin Moor. Mists or not, we were determined to try again on our way home, so once again we found ourselves walking through the triple stone circles of the Hurlers.

This time it was sunny and there were people wandering the stones with us…lots of them. There is much to be said for choosing a day of poor weather when visiting ancient sites. It is not that we object to sharing them…but it is much harder to get to the heart of a place when it is full of visitors. It is also unpleasant to see how some…a very few… treat these important parts of our heritage. We view them as the sacred places they were to those who built them and accord them…

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